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Additional Employee Benefits Programs
Administered by the
Division of Pensions and Benefits

The following programs involve the Division of Pensions and Benefits and other State or federal agencies. 

  • The New Jersey State Employees Commuter Tax Savings Program (Commuter Tax$ave), allows eligible New Jersey State employees to set aside before-tax dollars to pay for certain mass transit and commuter parking expenses, thereby avoiding federal taxes and saving money. Those eligible include any employee of the State; a State college or university; the State Library; or the New Jersey Commerce and Economic Growth Commission, Palisades Interstate Park Commission, New Jersey Building Authority, or Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor who is eligible to participate in the State Health Benefits Program, Commuter Tax$ave benefits are provided by TransitCenter, Inc., a public nonprofit corporation that administers the program under a contract with the State of New Jersey. For basic information available in the EPBAM, please click here. An eligible employee enrolls by contacting TransitCenter directly, by calling 1-866-823-3248, or over the Internet at: http://www.mycommutertaxsave.com

Private Pension Plans in New Jersey

Private pension plan information in the State of New Jersey may be obtained through the contact information listed below; please note, however, that the Division of Pensions and Benefits does not have any involvement in the administration of private pension plans in New Jersey or any other state or country:

New Jersey (northern)

New York Regional Office
33 Whitehall Street, Suite 1200
New York, NY 10004
Jonathan Kay - Director
Tel 212.607.8600
Fax 212.607.8681

New Jersey (southern)

Philadelphia Regional Office
Curtis Center
170 S Independence Mall West, Suite 870 West
Philadelphia, PA 19106-3317
Mabel Capolongo - Director
Tel 215.861.5300
Fax 215.861.5347

The Web site address is: www.dol.gov/ebsa








































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Last Updated: December 18, 2007