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By getting to this page, you have already learned most of what you need to know to use this manual successfully. 

The key is to use the hyperlinks which appear as underlined blue text.

These links will take you to other parts of the manual that you choose to visit.  By organizing the manual this way, we hope your job as pension administrator will be enhanced because you will not have to waste time sorting through information you do not need.

Any time you find yourself in an area you do not want to be in, or whenever you are finished and wish to go back to the previous page, just hit the "Back" button at the top of your Internet Explorer (or Netscape Navigator)  browser toolbar.

If you wish to start again at the beginning of the manual, click the TOC or Table of Contents link on the left hand side of the screen.

Images Used in this Manual

About Adobe PDF™ Files

This manual makes extensive use of various images to simplify pension administration.  We use Adobe "pdf"™ images that load in your browser window that can be printed directly from your PC. This will eliminate delays while you wait for a forms request to be filled by the Division, or having to depend on photocopies (of sometimes variable quality) for your forms needs. The Adobe Acrobat© Reader™ needed to view and print these documents is also included in the manual for your convenience.

Fill-in and Print Forms

An enhancement included in this edition of the Employers' Pensions and Benefits Administration Manual is the capability of completing a number of forms on screen. These forms are referred to in the Manual as "fill-in and print" forms. You simply use your keyboard and tab button to type in the information requested for each item, and then print and sign your copies and mail theme to the Division (New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits, PO Box 295, Trenton, NJ 08625-0295). To use these forms, you must have Acrobat 4.0 or higher. In the near future, additional "fill-in and print forms" will be added to the EPBAM, for your convenience.

PDF images of all the forms can be accessed from anywhere in the Manual.  There is always a link to the form in the area that mentions it (e.g., a retirement application can be accessed in the "Retirements" section), or you can go to the Forms Index, accessible from the Navigation Bar to the left of this screen.

Note: When you open a "PDF" image of a form, you will have to use the "Back" button on your browser or click a link in the navigation bar on the left side of your screen to exit that page.

Adobe Acrobat Reader ™ is available free by following this link:

About GIF and JPEG Files

Some forms can be accessed as pictures (GIFs or JPEGs) that will allow you to quickly obtain instructions for completing the forms. This is particularly true in the "Pensions" folder of this manual. These images have "hot spots" generated in the body that will link you to instructions. Just move the cursor on the screen to a line or section you are interested in and click the left mouse button on it (the pointer will become a hand on an active hot spot). You will be taken to the appropriate instructions for that line. To return to the form, just click "Back" on your browser.

Note: GIF and JPEG files cannot be printed easily.  If you wish to print a form, be sure it is in PDF™ format. 

About Printing from the Manual

Nothing in this manual is copyrighted material except the Web Browser and the Adobe Acrobat© Reader™ software.  You may feel free to copy or print anything that is contained in the body of the manual for your convenience. 

Some two-sided forms must be printed on both sides in order to be acceptable at the Division of Pensions and Benefits.  Forms such as the Enrollment Applications, Retirement Applications, Beneficiary Designation forms, and others, are legal documents and must be submitted in the legally prescribed way. There are no exceptions to this rule, so please take care to print and complete forms carefully!

A WORD OF CAUTION:  This Manual does not
replace pension law! 

There are dozens of statutes and codes that govern the administration of the NJ State-administered pension systems.  While the legal basis of pension administration is reflected accurately in this "how to" manual, the manual should never be confused with the laws themselves. Therefore, except for specific references or quotations of State Statute and Administrative Code, the information contained within this manual should not be quoted as "law." If you ever need a ruling that involves pension law, please write the Division of Pensions and Benefits, and our expert staff will address your specific question.






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