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The Certifying Officer

The Certifying Officer is the person at each employing location who certifies the accuracy and validity of all documents and forms sent to the Division of Pensions and Benefits. Appointed by resolution of the governing body or board, the Certifying Officer is the "go to" person for pension correspondence and inquiry. The Division will often contact this person when seeking information about employer certifications, needed information about employee accounts, reporting processes and problems. Similarly, the Certifying Officer is responsible for checking and signing many forms and documents submitted to the Division (e.g., the Quarterly Report of Contributions, Employer Certifications of Service and Final Salary, etc.).

The Employer Database is used to inform the Division whenever there is a change in contact information, when the Certifying Officer is changed, or when registering for EPIC. While the use of this form is encouraged, a letter from the governing board may be used so long as the following information is included:

  1. Name of Certifying Officer (usually the Chief Fiscal Officer)

  2. Title of Certifying Officer

  3. Title of Supervising Certifying Officer

  4. Pension Fund for which the Certifying Officer serves at the location

  5. Mailing address of employer

  6. Mailing address of Certifying Officer, if different

  7. Phone number where CO may be reached

  8. E-mail address (if available)

  9. Fax number

  10. Name of Personnel Officer or Director (if different)

  11. Phone and fax number of Personnel Officer.

  12. The Certifying Officer must be identified for each State-administered retirement system (PERS, TPAF, PFRS, etc.) at the employing location. It is possible to name one Certifying Officer for more than one retirement system, or to name a different CO for different pension funds.

Generally, it is good practice for the Certifying Officer to be someone other than the person who completes the pension reports and certifications. This will help to ensure accuracy in reporting and will decrease the number of errors.


Chapter 52, P.L. 2011, (N.J.S.A. 43:3C-15) establishes procedures and employer training requirements for the enrollment and/or transfer of employees into the State-administered retirement systems. All enrollments and/or transfers into a New Jersey State-administered retirement system — whether by online application or a paper form — must be certified as follows:

  • At the time of the enrollment and/or transfer of any employee, the Certifying Officer1 must certify that the person is eligible for enrollment in accordance with the statutes and regulations of the retirement system.
  • Upon the certification of an enrollment and/or transfer, the immediate Supervisor of the Certifying Officer must approve the enrollment and/or transfer before the application or form may be submitted to the Division of Pensions and Benefits.

The law also requires the Certifying Officer and the immediate Supervisor of the Certifying Officer to annually certify for each member of the retirement system, that the person enrolled is eligible for enrollment in the retirement system in accordance with the statutes and regulations of the retirement system.





























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