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Every year the Division of Pensions and Benefits sends a Personal Benefits Statement to active pension plan members. This statement provides the current status of a New Jersey public employee's pension account, employer provided benefits, and an estimate of the value of those benefits.

We hope that the Personal Benefits Statement proves to be a useful tool for your employees as they plan for retirement. However, it is helpful to think of the statement as a "snapshot" of each employee's estimated benefits and not as a final calculation. This is because the statement's estimate program differs from the program used to calculate the actual retirement benefit, and uses the salary reported by you, the employer, for the quarter preceding the statement date to project annual salary, rather than the one-year, three-year average, or five-year average salary used when a member retires.

Your employees who are within two years of retirement can:

  • use the Member Benefits Online System (MBOS) to get a retirement estimate online; or
  • call our Automated Information System at (609) 292-7524 to hear a retirement estimate over the phone;

For more information about the Personal Benefits Statement, see the Frequently Asked Questions on the Division of Pensions and Benefits Web site.  

Members inquiring about:

  • The effective date of their Personal Benefit Statement or
  • When their statement was printed or
  • When their statement was mailed to their employer ...

should refer to the Personal Benefits Statement Status Chart, click here.




























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Last Updated: July 8, 2016