Employers' Pensions and Benefits Administration Manual (EPBAM)
Winter 2003



Information by Employer Task

Employer's Pension Administration Tasks

Employers have significant responsibilities they must accomplish for public pensions systems to be effectively and efficiently administered.

This section lists those tasks and provides detailed guidance on how they are to be accomplished. The tasks are separated into two major groups, entitled Employee Support Tasks and Financial Operations and Reporting.

Helpful background information is available through links at the bottom of this page.

Employee Support Tasks
  Personal Benefits Statements

Enrolling Eligible Employees


Leaves of Absence from Work


Returning from Leaves of Absence from Work

  Reporting Salary for a Member on a Leave of Absence with Pay

Changes in Family Status


Changes in Group Life Insurance


Cancellation of Contributory Insurance

Waiver of Insurance Over $50k

Cancellation of $50k Waiver

Changing a Beneficiary

Purchasing Service Credit and Employer Certification of Service

Pension Loans

Retirement Processing

Death of Employee-What to Do

Group Life Insurance

Withdrawal of an Employee from Pension System

Financial Operations and Reporting
  Main Financial Reporting Page
  Remitting Employee Contributions and Payments
  Reporting Employee Contributions and Payments
  Adjusting Employee Contributions (retroactive salary increases, settlements, etc.)
  What is TEPS: "Transmittal Electronic Payment System? "
  How to use TEPS
  Training Available for Employers (PERS, TPAF, and PFRS)
Helpful Background
  Understanding the State-Administered Retirement Systems
  How a New Public Employer Joins a State-Administered Retirement System
  Pension Dispute Resolution and Appeals
  Funding of the Pension Systems
  Summary of Available Publications and Forms
  Pension Forms - Available for Download
  Fact Sheet Index

Training Offered by the Division for PERS, TPAF and PFRS Employers

For more information about the employer seminars offered by the Division, including dates, times, and locations for each seminar, please visit https://wwwnet1.state.nj.us/treasury/dpb/PBOSRENROL/SemRegHome.aspx (Internet users only), or call (609) 777-2111.









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