Employers' Pensions and Benefits Administration Manual (EPBAM)



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Waivers and Reinstatements
of Retirement Benefits

Some retirees choose to waive a portion or all of their retirement allowance in order to become eligible for low-income benefits or housing. In order to waive retirement benefits, the retiree completes and signs a form indicating the amount he or she wishes to be waived.

This waiver form is available by contacting the Division of Pensions and Benefits, PO Box 295, Trenton, NJ 08625-0295

In the event that the minimum earnings threshold increases, the retiree can request that a lesser amount or no amount of the retirement allowance be waived for future retirement checks.

Faxed requests are not acceptable to initiate or discontinue a waiver of retirement benefits.

If a retiree waives a portion or all of his or her retirement allowance, the portion waived can never be recouped by the retiree, a beneficiary, or the retiree's estate.

Note: The gross monthly pension (before the portion waived is applied) is the amount used to determine Medicaid eligibility.





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Last Updated: September 19, 2014