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What is the New Jersey Online Notice Response Service?

The New Jersey Online Notice Response Service (NJ ONRS) allows you to securely reply to New Jersey Division of Taxation notices online.

NJ ONRS is ONLY used for sending documents in response to a notice or a request for information.

You can receive answers to general questions by email or by phone for more specific account information.

What you need to know

  • The file must be in a PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or TIF format.
  • To get a physical document ready for upload, you can:

    • Use a scanner to make a digital version of your documents.
    • Take a picture with your cell phone.
  • You can’t upload Word or Excel files. The directions on how to convert these files to a Portable Document Format (PDF) are available on the Microsoft Office website.
  • If possible, try to scan or photograph multiple documents on one page.
  • You will receive two emails after uploading your files:

    • The first email confirms your documentation successfully uploaded to NJ ONRS and is being transmitted to the Division of Taxation.
    • The second email tells you that the Division of Taxation received your documents and provides you with the Case ID Number. This number is needed for additional correspondence submitted through NJ ONRS.

Have Additional Questions?
Visit the NJ ONRS FAQ or contact:
The New Jersey e-Government Help Desk
Phone: 609-586-2600

Are you ready to get started? Enter the New Jersey Online Notice Response Service

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 08/09/16

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