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Correction to 2001 Form NJ-2210

An incorrect version of the 2001 Form NJ-2210, Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals, Estates or Trusts, appears on the NJX Plus CD ROM. The form instructs taxpayers to take information from incorrect lines on Form NJ-1040 and Form NJ-1040EZ. Some printed copies of the form with these incorrect line number references were also distributed to the public.

The corrections to Form NJ-2210 are:

  1. Part I, Line 1, should read "2001 Tax (Line 40, Form NJ-1040 or Line 22, Form NJ-1040EZ)."
  2. Part I, Line 4b should read "Enter 2000 tax (From Form NJ-1040, Line 40)."
  3. Part II, Line 15 should read "Exception 1 - Enter 2000 tax (Line 40)."
  4. Instructions for Form NJ-2210, Column 1, paragraph 1, lines 3-4 should read "your 2001 tax liability (Line 40, Form NJ-1040 or Line 22, Form NJ-2210)."

A corrected version of Form NJ-2210 is available from the following sources:

Division of Taxation Web Site:

Form NJ-2210

Automated Tax Information System - Forms Request

NJ TaxFax

609-826-4500 (from your fax machine's phone)

Write to:
NJ Division of Taxation
Taxpayer Forms Services
PO Box 269
Trenton, NJ 08695-0269

Last Updated: Thursday, 09/23/10

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