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10/10/17 Financial Advisor Says He Promised to Invest $890K, Pocketed It Instead
10/05/17 Attorney Generalís Office Charges 100 People with Filing False Applications for Superstorm Sandy Relief Funds
08/04/17 Ocean County Couple and Their Home Improvement Companies Indicted for Allegedly Stealing Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars by Bilking Homeowners Whose Homes Were Badly Damaged by Superstorm Sandy
07/27/17 Five More Individuals Charged with Filing False Applications for Superstorm Sandy Relief
10/25/16 Doctor Pleads Guilty to Concealing Over $3.6 Million in Income from His Medical Practice to Evade Taxes
and Paying Kickbacks to Other Doctors for Referrals to His Pain Management Clinics
10/25/16 North Jersey Doctor Arrested for Allegedly Accepting Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Illegal Kickbacks,
Three Other Professionals Pleas Guilty to Related Fraud
10/13/16 Ocean County Couple and Their Home Improvement Companies Charged With Stealing Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars by Bilking Homeowners Whose Homes Were Badly Damaged by Superstorm Sandy
10/05/16 Cigar Shop Owner Indicted on Theft and Tax Evasion Charges for Failing to Pay $442,000 in State Sales and Tobacco Taxes
09/28/16 Police Uncover Cigarette Sales Scheme in Newark, Authorities Say
07/29/16 Bergen County Medical Device CEO Guilty of Tax Evasion, jury hung on theft.
06/17/16 Series of Arrests in Financial Fraud Network
05/23/16 Doctor Pleads Guilty to Taking More Than $250,000 in Illegal Kickbacks for Referring Patients to Other Doctors and Healthcare Providers
05/18/16 Jersey City Lawyer Indicted for Allegedly Stealing More Than $1.5 Million From Clients
05/05/16 Pennsylvania Man Convicted at Trial of Failing to Pay Income PDf (161 kb)
05/03/16 Racketeering Indictment Charges 10 Alleged Members and Associates of Genovese Crime Family
02/26/16 Middletown Official Indicted in Tax Fraud for Not Reporting Income PDf (59 kb)
02/19/16 Authorities Arrest Central Figure in Alleged Credit Card Fraud Scheme in Which Millions of Dollars Were Stolen From Banks
02/03/16 Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiring with Doctor to Conceal More Than $3.6 Million in Income From Doctor’s Medical Practice to Evade Taxes
01/22/16 Pair had $50K in Untaxed Cigarettes, Riverdale Cops Say
12/09/15 Twelve Charged With First-Degree Money Laundering for Allegedly Stealing Millions in Elaborate Credit Card Fraud Scheme
12/07/15 Plaxico Burress Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion Charges
11/20/15 Undocumented Bangladeshi Quartet Nabbed in Englewood Fast-Food Raid
10/19/15 South Jersey Used Car Dealer Sentenced to Prison for Failing to Pay State $156,564 in Sales Tax He Collected from Customers
08/26/15 Middlesex County Doctor and Accomplice Indicted on First-Degree Charges they Concealed More than $3.6 Million of Medical Practice Income, Which Resulted in Tax Evasion that Cost New Jersey Taxpayers Approximately $327,000
08/19/15 Couple Charged with Counterfeiting Designer Watches
08/18/15 14 Elizabeth Gang Members Indicted in Identity Fraud Scams
08/17/15 State Treasury Agents Seize $5 million in Smuggled Tobacco Products and link to PDf (231 kb)
08/06/15 Moorestown Property Manager Charged with Stealing from Clients PDf (106 kb)
07/15/15 South Jersey Used Car Dealer Pleads Guilty to Failing to Pay State $156,564 in Sales Tax He Collected From Customers
07/15/15 Former Giants Star Plaxico Burress Offered Plea on Tax Charges
06/03/15 Five Medical Practitioners Indicted for Taking Bribes in Exchange for Referring Patients to Medical Imaging Centers Run by Criminal Enterprise
06/02/15 Five More Individuals Charged With Filing False Applications for Superstorm Sandy Relief Funds
05/15/15 Man Sentenced to Prison for Evading $500,000 in Sales Tax by Falsely Claiming Tax Exemptions on Luxury Cars He Bought for Export
05/14/15 UPDATED CONSUMER ALERT: "Attorney General" Impostor Scam Targets Victims with Fraudulent "Arrest Warrant"
05/11/15 Owner of Medical Imaging Centers Pleads Guilty to Bribing Dozens of Doctors in Exchange for Scan Referrals Worth Several Million Dollars
05/6/15 A Former Veteran of the Atlantic City Police Department Convicted of Official Misconduct, Theft and Tax Fraud
PDf (220 kb)
05/4/15 Multiple Indictments for Interstate Contraband Cigarette Trafficking PDf (38 kb)
04/30/15 Former NFL Player Indicted for Making a Failed Electronic Funds Transfer PDf (250 kb)
04/24/15 One of New Jersey’s Top Debtors Sentenced PDf (59 kb)
03/30/15 Man Pleads Guilty to Evading $500,000 in State Sales Tax by Falsely Claiming Tax Exemptions on Luxury Cars He Purchased for Export
03/04/15 Three sentenced in designer cosmetics counterfeiting scheme
02/05/15 Middlesex County Couple Faces Up to 20 Years in Prison After Arrests for Alleged Scheme Involving Fraud, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and the Concealment of More than $30 Million in Income
10/21/2014 11 Alleged Members and Associates of Genovese Crime Family Charged with Reaping Millions in Criminal Profits in New Jersey
10/16/2014 7 Doctors Charged in Medical Kickback Scheme in Central, North Jersey
10/08/2014 West Deptford Township Pair Indicted on Shoplifting Charges PDF (70 kb)
09/18/2014 Charity Golf Event Organizer Charged With Theft PDF (41 kb)
08/05/2014 Smuggler caught with 900 cartons of untaxed cigarettes in Greenwich Township

Two Men Indicted on Charges They Conspired to Sell Thousands of Pirated DVD movies and Music CDs Out of Newark Storehouse

04/16/2014 Anna Lee and Jennifer Lee Charged with Money Laundering PDF (73 KB)
01/31/2014 Travel Company Owner Sentenced to State Prison for Stealing Millions of Dollars from His Customers
12/13/2013 Central Jersey Insurance Broker Sentenced to Five Years in State Prison for Role in Scheme to Misappropriate More Than $660,000 from Seven Insurance Companies and for Failing to File State Income Tax Returns
11/22/2013 Keansburg Residents Charged with Cigarette Smuggling; Could Face $70,000 Civil Penalty PDF (62 kb)
11/13/2013 Freehold Man Pleads Guilty to Theft and Tax Charges
10/29/2013 Spring Lake Couple Pleads Guilty to Stealing Over $770,000
10/22/2013 California Man Pleads Guilty in NJ Cigarette Fraud
09/30/2013 Former Atlantic City Housing Authority Employee Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Official Misconduct, Theft and Tax Fraud PDF (216 kb)
09/12/2013 Assemblyman Albert Coutinho Pleads Guility to Stealing Funds From Charitable Foundation and Filing False Disclosure Forms PDF (45kb)
09/09/2013 Jersey City Man Charged with Counterfeiting Cigarette Tax Stamps and Vehicle Inspection Stickers PDF (192 kb)
08/23/2013 Mail Carrier Sentenced to Prison for Using Mail Route to Aid Scheme to Steal Nearly $400,000 Through False State and Federal Tax Returns
08/20/2013 Out-of-State Cigarettes, Cigars Seized from Linden Deli PDF (27 kb)
08/15/2013 Attorney General Announces Two-Pronged Strategy to Combat Rising Gun Violence in Trenton
08/12/2013 Travel Company Owner and His Wife Plead Guilty to Theft Charge for Tricking Customers Out of Millions of Dollars
05/21/2013  Executive Indicted on Charges He Stole Over $230,000 in Investor Funds for his Biotech/Medical Firms in Bergen County
05/06/2013 Singer and Actress Lauryn Hill Sentenced to Prison for Failing to File Tax Returns for More Than $2.3 Million in Income
04/23/2013 Travel Company Owner and His Wife Indicted on Charges for Stealing from Customers
03/12/2013 Former State Tax Investigator Sentenced for Accessing Taxpayer Accounts to Steal $6,630
02/20/2013 Atlantic City Sweep PDF (14 kb)
01/23/2013 President of Now-Defunct Mercer County Construction Company Sentenced to State Prison
01/11/2013 Former State Tax Investigator Pleads Guilty to Accessing Taxpayer Accounts
12/19/2012 Two North Jersey Chiropractors Sentenced for Taking Cash Kickbacks
12/07/2012 Saddle River Man Sentenced to Prison
06/27/2012 Monmouth County Man Pleads Guilty to Racketeering in Prison Smuggling Scheme
06/29/2012 Two Men Plead Guilty to Tax Fraud Indicted
03/07/2012 Saddle River Man Who Ran Tax Preparation Service Indicted
01/30/2012 Counterfeit Movie Warehouse Raided

Last Updated: Tuesday, 10/10/17

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