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Technical Bulletins Numeric Listing

Issue Date Number Subject PDF Size
03/15/17 TB-80

Addback of Other States’ Taxes

08/13/15 TB-79(R) Nexus for Corporation Business Tax 49K
08/13/15 TB-78(R) Nexus for Sales and Use Tax 48K
05/18/15 TB-77 Litter Control Fee Guidelines 60K
12/12/14 TB-76 Presumption of Soliciting Business in New Jersey by Out-of-State Seller 28K
11/20/14 TB-75 Admission Charges for Events Benefitting Nonprofit Entities 78K
10/02/14    TB-74

Taxability of Purchases Made by Morticians, Undertakers, and Funeral Directors

08/13/13 TB-73 Nursing Home Purchases 69K
07/03/13 TB-72 Cloud Computing (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) 59K
05/13/13 TB-71 Sales of Prepared Food by Food Service Providers 61K
05/13/13 TB-70 Sales of Food and Food Ingredients, Candy, Dietary Supplements, and Soft Drinks Sold by a Grocery Store 65K
01/16/13 TB-69 Taxability of Purchases Made by Lawyers and Law Firms 55K
11/30/12 TB-68 Medical Marijuana Alternative Treatment Centers 15K
11/01/12 TB-67 Contractor Exemption for Improving, Altering, or Repairing the Real Property of Qualified Exempt Entities 36K
09/26/11 TB-66

Exemption Administration Related to Accepting Certificates

  TB-65(R) Products Subject To Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax (PPGRT)  
06/29/09 TB-64 Charitable Remainder Trusts 11K
02/16/10 TB-63 Health Care Products: Drugs, Grooming and Hygiene Products, Prosthetic Devices, Durable Medical Equipment, and Mobility Enhancing Equipment 40K
01/29/09  TB-62 Internet Tax Freedom Act Amendments Act of 2007 18K
11/20/08 TB-61 Sports and Entertainment Facility Tax - Millville 16K
10/21/10 TB-60(R) Tax payment obligations of sellers, transferors or assignors, and purchasers, transferees or assignees - Form TTD (revised) 41K
03/31/08 TB-59 Commercial Truck Exemption 29K
05/23/07 TB-58 Newspaper Production Exemption 12K
10/9/13 TB-57(R) Estimated Gross Income Tax Payment Requirements on Sales of New Jersey Real Property by Nonresidents 51K
09/08/05 TB-56 Gross Income Tax, Health Enterprise Zones 34K
07/13/16 TB-55(R) Partnership Filing Fee and Nonresident Partner Tax 23K
12/13/04 TB-54 Presidential Disaster Relief Areas 250K
02/15/15 TB-53(R) Diplomatic/Consular Sales Tax Exemptions 74K
03/05/04 TB-52 Gross Income Tax Household Employees 11K
07/05/11 TB-51(R) Taxability of Software 26K
02/03/09 TB-50(R) Amusement Ride Operator's Responsibility to Remit Sales Tax For Admission Charges to Carnivals Conducted In Conjunction With Exempt Organizations 66K
10/07/02 TB-49 Purchases and Sales by Schools and Affiliated Organizations 20K
07/21/06 TB-47(R-2) Domestic Security Fee - Revised 19K
11/26/02 TB-47(R-1) Domestic Security Fee - Revision 277K
07/12/02 TB-47 Domestic Security Fee 245K
07/01/02 TB-46 Exemptions for Organization Having St-5 Exempt Organization Certificate 257K
08/10/17 TB-45(R) Urban Enterprise Zone Impacted Business Districts 261K
02/09/10 TB-44(R) Roth IRAs 69K
03/03/03 TB-39(R) Cafeteria Plans 97K
06/09/95 TB-38 Nonresident Return Income Percentage 266K
02/03/06 TB-37(R) Treatment of Meals and Entertainment Expenses on Form CBT-100S 15K
01/23/02 TB-36 Fringe Benefits Paid by S Corporations to 2% Shareholders 89K
12/02/10 TB-24R Employee Tax Incentives for Employer-Provided Commuter Transportation Benefits 41K
08/05/93 TB-23 Cape May County Tourism Tax 232K
11/07/07 TB-22(R) Atlantic City Casino Parking Facility Fee 12K
  TB-21(R) Interest Rates Assessed 142K
08/02/16 TB-20(R) Gambling Winnings or Losses 16K
03/02/93 TB-18 Campus and Subsidized Housing 12K
12/23/92 TB-17 Taxpayers' Bill of Rights Enacted 12K
02/06/06 TB-16 (R) Spill Compensation and Control Tax Guidelines Revision 20K
07/23/92 TB-15 Inheritance Tax: New Law Overview 11K
11/04/93 TB-12 Ticket Admissions, Sellers and Promoters 218K

Last Updated: Thursday, 11/09/17

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