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In order to keep our animals safe from both foreign animal diseases and acts of terrorism, the NJDA can assist in developing boiosecurity plans and emergency plans for your farm. In addition, we offer free signage to help you protect yourself and your farm. For more information, please contact the Division of Animal Health at (609) 671-6400.

We have developed a number of Best Management Practices to help “Keep The Garden State Safe.”

View the poster (links below) that was developed as a daily reminder for those working in the Animal/ Agriculture Sector (Farmers, Growers, Producers, etc.)

Biosecurity/Security Best Management Practices Poster for Animal/Agriculture Sectors (English version)

Biosecurity/Security Best Management Practices Poster for Animal/Agriculture Sectors (Spanish version)

Downloadable Posters:

Restricted Access Poster

Owner Permission Poster

Limited Access Poster

Do Not Enter Poster

Recommendations for Professionals Visiting Livestock Operations

Click here to view the recommendations that were developed to help prevent exposure of livestock and poultry to infectious agents when premises are visited by outside personnel.

Click here for the downloadable poster of Best Practices for Handling Live Poultry.

Guidelines for Petting Zoos and Animal Exhibits

The Division of Animal Health has these recommendations to ensure the safe enjoyment of New Jersey petting zoos and animal exhibits:

Guidelines for Petting Zoos, Animal Fairs, Shows and Exhibits

Requirements for Poultry exhibited at Shows and Fairs in New Jersey

Downloadable Posters for Petting Zoos and Animal Exhibits: Enjoy the Animals, Lose the Germs

Poster 1: "Wash your hands with soap & water, or use these anti-bacterial wipes. "

Poster 2: "Hey! Don't be a pig! Wash your hands before and after playing with my friends."

Poster 3: "Place used wipes here."

Poster 4: "Be sure to clean your shoes at home."

Poster 5: "Please don't eat or drink in our animal areas."

Poster 6: "Pick up antibacterial hand wipes here!"

General Homeland Security Information

NJ Homeland Security Hotline: 1-866-4-SAFE-NJ
New Jersey Homeland Security Website