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The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) is a joint, State-Federal conservation program targeted to address environmental impacts related to agricultural practices. The NJDA and NJDEP are co-sponsors for this voluntary program that offers financial incentives to encourage farmers to create stream buffers on existing farmland.  The Program objectives are: to maintain and improve water quality by reducing agricultural pollutants into streams, to enhance farm viability and to contribute to the State’s open space goals.

Farmland enrolled in this program will be under rental contract for 10-15 years or placed into both a permanent easement contract and a 10-15 year contract agreement in order to reduce non-point source impairment through the preservation of stream buffers and implementation of conservation practices on existing farmland.

The Program targets 30,000 acres of agricultural land throughout the State.  The program requests $100 million in federal funds and involves a state match of $23 million over the life of the Program, and will pay 100% of the cost to establish the conservation practices and annual rental and incentive payments to the landowner.

The agricultural community supports the CREP program as it provides a way for New Jersey farmers to be recognized and compensated for their environmental stewardship. The industry also supports the voluntary nature of the Program and its ability to enhance farm viability.