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The New Jersey Junior Breeder's Fund, a low-interest loan program, offers agricultural education/FFA students and 4-H members the opportunity to advance the breeding of purebred livestock and the production quality of livestock. Loan applicants must be New Jersey residents, have adequate facilities for livestock and be either 4-H members or FFA/agricultural education students.

Junior Breeder's By-laws and Application Packet (154K PDF)

  1. A scholarship will be offered to one student at the end of each project year.
  2. Eligibility for the scholarship will include:
    1. Any 4-H or Agricultural Education student grades 11 and up, who plan to continue their education and are a member in good standing of the respective organization.

      4-H Member in Good Standing:
      1. Must be enrolled in a 4-H project by January 1 of the calendar year
      2. Must attend at least 70 percent of regular functions
      3. Must complete the loan in the appropriate time frame with no late payments.
      4. Must participate in one public presentation
      5. Must be responsible for the physical care & training of an animal
      6. Must exhibit the animal

        FFA Member in Good Standing:
      1. Must pay their annual dues by January 31 of the calendar year
      2. Members must have a Junior Breeder Loan
      3. Members must complete the loan in the appropriate time frame with no late payments
      4. Members must complete a project record book to be reviewed by NJDA.
  3. As of December 1 of the calendar year a completed application must be submitted to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture along with the project record book. Record books will be returned.
  4. The winner will be drawn by a lottery system from all eligible applications.

    The program is based on a promissory note system, with monies to be paid back to the fund with interest. The program requires no other security other than the word of the borrower.

    For more information: (609) 913-6514.