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List of Currently Certified Nurseries and Dealers (452K PDF)
Phytosanitary Inspection and Certification
Plant Dealer Certification Letter (34K PDF)
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Noxious Weed Regulations

Inspection Fees :

Nursery Inspection
Dealer Inspection
Federal or Special Phytosanitary Inspection
How to Pay An Invoice And Download a Certificate Online

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture's Nursery Inspection program supports the nursery, greenhouse, and landscape industry through the inspection and survey of nursery crops to detect plant pests. This activity, conducted by the Division of Plant Industry, enables New Jersey growers to sell nursery stock in other states and countries and assures consumers that only pest free stock will be offered for sale.

Click here for more detailed statistics on the total stock inspected in New Jersey Nurseries in 2015.

New Jersey law defines nursery stock as "all plants, shrubs, trees and vines grown for sale, as well as buds, grafts, stocks, scions and other parts of plants, shrubs, trees and vines that may be sold for propagation; but shall not include herbaceous annuals or plants, flowers, vines or cuttings grown under glass and commonly known as florists' stock."

At least once each year, the Division of Plant Industry examines and inspects all nurseries or establishments of plant dealers in nursery stock and investigates the nursery stock sources of plant dealers within the state to determine whether the stock grown or offered for sale is free from dangerously injurious plant pests. Once the stock grown or sold by a nursery or plant dealer has been determined to be pest-free, a certificate to that effect is provided to the nurseryman or plant dealer. The Department has established an inspection fee to cover a portion of the costs associated with this inspection and certification process.

Nursery Inspection Fees

A "nursery" includes all lands, premises and buildings upon, on or in which plants, trees, shrubs or vines of any kind, whether for fruit, shade or ornament, are grown for sale within the state or for shipment to other states or countries.

Fees for nursery inspection are based on acres of nursery stock grown by the nurseryman. Determination of nursery acreage fees is based only on those lands on which nursery stock is actually growing or on lands where are placed containers with growing plants, including, but not limited to walkways.

The following fee schedule shall apply to all nursery inspections conducted by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture:

Nursery Acreage Base Fee Acreage Assessment
Less than 2.00 $85.00 no additional assessment
2.00 or more $85.00 plus $7.00 for each acre or part thereof

The nurseryman shall be entitled to one reinspection at no additional charge, if necessary, at each location within 14 days following the "control by" date listed on the nursery inspection report.

Fees for additional reinspections of a nursery location, due to failure on the part of the nurseryman to control such insect pests or plant diseases as prescribed on the nursery inspection report, shall be assessed for each location reinspected using the above fee schedule.

The Department reserves to right to waive reinspection charges if, in the opinion of the Director of the Division of Plant Industry, the failure to successfully control pest problems was a result of pest biology, resistant pest strains, adverse weather conditions or other extenuating factors.

Dealer Inspection Fee

A "dealer" is a person or firm who purchases nursery stock from certified nurserymen and offers that stock for sale at a retail outlet or through landscaping services.

Fees for inspection of dealers shall be $85.00. Dealers with more than one place of business in New Jersey shall be charged an additional $85.00 for each location.

Phytosanitary Inspection Fee

There shall be a $60.00 fee for each federal or special phytosanitary inspection of a commercial shipment necessary for the issuance of a phytosanitary certificate.

There shall be a $30.00 fee for each federal or special phytosanitary inspection of a non-commercial or low value (less than $1250) commercial shipment necessary for the issuance of a phytosanitary certificate.

Fees for phytosanitary inspections carried out for other governmental agencies shall be waived.

Method and Time of Payment

There shall be a single inspection fee per year for each nursery and dealer's place of business. All nursery and dealer fees shall be payable within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Failure to pay the fee shall result in the assessment of penalties and the revocation of nursery certification.

All fees for federal phytosanitary inspections and special inspections shall be payable at the time of inspection and issuance of certification or by the due date printed on the invoice.

A late fee of $5.00 will be assessed if payment is not received within 15 days of the due date printed on the original invoice.

All fees shall be paid to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry, PO Box 330, Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0330.

For further information contact the Nursery Inspection Program Manager:
Sarah Katzenbach
(609) 406-6939