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October 1, 2008 is Start for New MILC Program
The new version of the MILC program goes into effect October 1, with the deadline to designate your starting month being on or before the 15 th of the previous month - or September 15.  Under the new program, producers will receive 45 percent of the different between the Class I price at Boston and the target price of $16.94/cwt. The annual cap is 2.985 million pounds, and a feed cost adjuster will adjust the price upward if feed cost rise above $7.35/cwt. Dairy producers who are not enrolled in the program yet should visit their local FSA office to sign up.
Agriculture Department Files Decision from November 2007 - February 2008 Milk Hearings
Dairy farmers may be receiving higher prices from processors for their raw milk compared to 2006, but their costs for fuel, feed and fertilizer have also risen significantly, so they should continue receiving additional payments to help them remain viable, according to a decision issued by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.

View the full decision document submitted April 10, 2008.
Agriculture Department Files Decision from Second Milk Hearing
The New Jersey Department of Agriculture has filed its plan for improving the viability of the state’s dairy industry with the Secretary of State’s Office.  The decision came after a series of two hearings, the first at Rutgers University on July 24 and the second at the Rutgers EcoComplex in Columbus, Burlington County, on August 29-31. 

View the full decision document from the July 24 hearing.

View the full decision document from the August 29-31 hearing.