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For Immediate Release: July 23, 1999 Contact:

Hope Gruzlovic

New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Arthur R. Brown, Jr., said today that the three-year-old greenhouse and nursery film collection and recycling program has kept more than one million pounds of agricultural film out of the state's landfills.

"New Jersey is really a front runner in recycling greenhouse and nursery film. Over the last three years we have recycled over 1 million pounds of film," Brown noted.

As of mid-July, the 1999 program had brought 270,320 pounds of film to the three approved collection sites: the Atlantic County Utilities Authority, the Cumberland County Utility Authority and East Coast Recycling. This year's effort was scheduled to wrap-up on June 30 and the Atlantic and Cumberland sites adhered to the original program deadline in order to bale and market the material on hand.

However, at the request of growers in southern New Jersey, East Coast Recycling, a private recycling center in Millville, agreed to continue to accept New Jersey growers' film, possibly through November. East Coast will waive the tipping fee for growers.

East Coast Recycling is located in the Millville Industrial Park, 1801 Eden Road, Millville. Prior to delivering film to East Coast, growers should call (609) 327-8888 to make sure film is still being accepted. The facility is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Film must be bundled and tied (the tie MUST be made of greenhouse film) OR placed in boxes on pallets and it MUST be free of any debris including, but not limited to, wood, stone and dirt. Film which is dirty or not properly prepared will be rejected.

In FY98, NJDA received a grant from NJDEP that has enabled the department to provide the three collection sites with partial reimbursement for their collection and baling costs. Brown said NJDA will evaluate this year's grower participation and next year's funding availability before announcing the 2000 program.

For additional information on the nursery and greenhouse film recycling project, growers can contact NJDA at (609) 984-2506, the New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association at (609) 291-7070, or AT Plastics at 1-800-661-3606 or e-mail karen.kritz@ag.state.nj.us.