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Candidates Sought for Mediation Training
to Resolve Farming Conflicts
For Immediate Release: December 27, 1999 Contact:

Hope Gruzlovic


The State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC), which administers New Jersey's Right to Farm Program, is looking for individuals interested in learning mediation skills and techniques to help resolve farming-related disputes. Under the Right to Farm Act, farm owners and operators are protected from restrictive municipal ordinances and public and private nuisance actions, provided that they operate responsibly in accordance with state guidelines and meet certain other criteria. In the event of disputes, formal complaints must be filed with the appropriate County Agriculture Development Board or the SADC before any court actions can be taken. Mediation will be used as a first attempt to resolve conflicts as early as possible, before the formal complaint process is initiated. The SADC will hold mediation training in early spring. Interested candidates should have the ability to communicate, listen, comprehend and remain neutral. They also should be able to define and clarify issues and suggest resolutions, as well as have some practical experience in the agricultural field. The SADC will assemble teams of mediators from different regions of the state. Mediators will receive compensation toward their expenses. Anyone interested in being considered for mediation training should contact the SADC's Right to Farm Program at (609) 984-2504.