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Homeland Security Advisory

For Immediate Release: May 20, 2003


Hope Gruzlovic






The Food and Agriculture Community


Jeremy Stump, Acting Director
USDA Homeland Security

May 20, 2003

Today, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge increased the threat level.

Since you, your members, your state offices, constituents and employees are on the front line of defense for protecting America's food and agriculture, we wanted to remind you of resources available to you and your constituencies.

USDA has prepared information outlining simple, yet important steps you can take to prevent or respond to threat to our food supply. The information is available at www.usda.gov/homelandsecurity and includes useful tips including:

  • Be alert and aware of suspicious activities surrounding food and agriculture operations and report any suspicious activities to your local law enforcement.
  • Update emergency phone numbers.
  • Consider inspecting all vehicles entering facilities and operations and escorting all visitors.
  • Increase surveillance around facilities and consider restricting public events, such as tours and lectures.

For updated information on the threat level or other information from the Department of Homeland Security, visit www.dhs.gov.

We urge you to share this information with your members, state offices and others involved in food and agriculture. Working together, we will continue to keep America's food and agriculture safe.