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With Glut in Peaches, N.J. Agriculture Secretary Urges “Buy Jersey Fresh”

For Immediate Release: August 21, 2003


Kim Maialetti
(609) 292-8896

With New Jersey enjoying a glut in its peach supply, the state’s Secretary of Agriculture Charles M. Kuperus is urging retailers and consumers to buy locally grown, Jersey Fresh peaches right on through September.

“Jersey Fresh peaches are the freshest, juiciest and tastiest peaches on the market, and right now they’re available at great prices,” Kuperus said. “When you buy Jersey Fresh, you know you’re getting the sweetest, best-tasting peaches available. Not only that, but you’re supporting New Jersey agriculture, which helps keep our farmers in business and keeps the Garden State green and growing."

New Jersey peaches have a distinct flavor advantage. Garden State growers are able to leave peaches on the trees longer – where they produce more sugar – because they are distributed and sold locally. Out-of-state peaches need to be picked earlier for shipping purposes.

New Jersey’s peach season typically extends into the beginning of September. However, because weather conditions delayed the harvest, an abundant supply of good quality, locally grown peaches will be available until at least October. Available varieties include Laurel, Encore, Snow Giant and Fantasia, all of which are noted for their good size, excellent look and vibrant flavor.

This year’s crop is expected to yield 75 million pounds of peaches, 13 million pounds more than last year, according to the New Jersey Agricultural Statistics Service.

“Just because summer vacations are winding down, it doesn’t mean the peach season is over,” said Kuperus. “Jersey Fresh peaches are great to pack in lunchboxes as children head off to school, to bake in pies and cobblers and to can for later use.”

New Jersey grows peaches on 8,000 acres and is the fourth largest producer of peaches in the nation.

To be sure you’re buying Jersey peaches, always look for the Jersey Fresh logo at your local farm market or supermarket.