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Free Recycling of Pesticide Containers & Nursery Pots Available

For Immediate Release: Sept. 9, 2003


Hope Gruzlovic




Free recycling of empty plastic pesticide containers and nursery pots will be available at five regional collection sites on Sept. 27 and Oct. 3, 8, 9 and 10.

Non-refillable, high-density polyethylene # 2 (HDPE #2) containers used by agricultural, professional and commercial pesticide applicators will be accepted at the collection sites, as will HDPE #2 nursery pots.

Containers must be no larger than 55 gallons and properly rinsed.

September 2002 marked the first statewide pesticide container and nursery pot-recycling program for New Jersey. During the three-day collection period, New Jersey recycled nearly 26,000 pounds of plastic pesticide containers, nursery pots, flats used to transport bulbs and five-gallon plastic buckets.

These containers are typically recycled into products such as irrigation pipes, fence posts, speed bumps and marine pilings.

The fall 2003 agricultural product container-recycling program is a collaborative effort involving the New Jersey Departments of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Atlantic County Utility Authority, Burlington County Solid Waste, Cumberland County Improvement Authority, Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Pollution Control Financing Authority of Warren County, Ag Container Recycling Council and USAg Recycling, Inc.

The program is open to anyone who holds a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection pesticide license and to state, county and municipal government agencies.

Pesticide license holders will receive one core credit for participating in the program. To receive credit, participants must bring their pesticide license to the collection site and must follow the processing steps. Credits will not be issued for recycling nursery pots.

Those interested in registering for the program should contact Program Manager Karen Kritz of the New Jersey Department of Agriculture at (609) 984-2506 or karen.kritz@ag.state.nj.us.

Attached is a collection schedule. For further information visit http://www.state.nj.us/agriculture/recyclingpestcons.htm.