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For Immediate Release: July 13, 2004


Lynne Richmond




(TRENTON) – The New Jersey Animal Working Group, operated under the auspices of the New Jersey Department of Agriculture-Division of Animal Health and the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management, has compiled information to help pet owners care for their pets during emergencies, such as the flooding that has displaced residents in several Burlington County communities.

Since natural disasters, such as flash floods, can arrive with little, if any warning, it is best to develop a disaster action plan for yourself and your pets. Please keep these items in mind when instructed to evacuate:

· Take your pets with you when you evacuate;
· Have identification for each pet;
· Bring along leashes and ample quantities of pet food and cat litter;
· Keep a supply of newspaper, plastic bags, cleaners and disinfectants on hand to properly handle pet waste;
· Listen for public service announcements that might instruct you to take your pets to a temporary emergency animal shelter;
· When the all-clear sounds, be careful about allowing your pets outdoors unattended and off-leash. The flooding might have altered familiar scents and landmarks and your pet could easily get confused and become lost.

The Department has compiled a list of “pet-friendly” hotels and motels in the state that could prove helpful in finding lodging with your pet during an evacuation. To access the list, click here or call (609) 292-3965.

The Animal Emergency Working Group is a cooperative interagency committee of government and animal organizations whose mission is to develop and implement safe, effective, and efficient responses to animal emergencies; protect wild and domesticated animals, public health and the environment; and ensure the humane care and treatment of animals during emergency situations.