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Certificates Required for All Sales of Perennials, Woody Plants

For Immediate Release: May 15, 2014
Contact: Lynne Richmond
(609) 633-2954 

(TRENTON) – The New Jersey Department of Agriculture today is reminding landscapers, vendors or organizations, including non-profit organizations selling nursery stock in your community they must have a valid New Jersey nursery stock dealer certificate, nursery stock grower certificate or other inspection certificate issued by the Department’s Division of Plant Industry.

Nursery stock includes all plants, shrubs, trees and vines grown for sale excluding herbaceous annuals or plants, flowers, vines or cuttings grown under glass an commonly known as florist stock.

The Department offers certificates for one-time sales and for businesses who regularly sell nursery stock.  Persons selling nursery stock in the state must have a valid New Jersey nursery stock dealer or nursery stock grower certificate.  They also must sell only certified nursery stock and provide documents to verify certification of stock offered for sale.

The inspection and certification program protects consumers from purchasing infested plants.  Inspections reduce losses by harmful pests as problems can be detected and treated before they cause any serious damage.  Tree-killing plant pests and diseases such as the Emerald ash borer and Sudden Oak Death or nuisance pests such as imported fire ants can hitchhike on nursery stock brought into New Jersey and to your community from other parts of the country.

Information about Plant Dealer Certification can be found on the Department’s website at