Audit Division
The Audit Division is responsible for conducting audits and reviewing the performance of the executive branch of state government, public institutions of higher education, independent state authorities, local governments and school districts.

Investigations Division
The Investigations Division detects and uncovers misconduct, abuse and waste at all levels of New Jersey government by investigating the mismanagement of public funds and the performance of government officers, employees and programs.

Medicaid Fraud Division
The Medicaid Fraud Division detects, prevents and investigates waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicaid, New Jersey FamilyCare and Charity Care programs. The division also recovers improperly expended Medicaid funds, reviews the quality of care given to Medicaid recipients and excludes or terminates providers from the Medicaid program when necessary.

Procurement Division
The Procurement Division reviews the legality of public contracts involving school districts, counties, municipalities, state agencies, state authorities, local authorities and public institutions of higher education.