Provider Alerts

In an effort to work with providers to assist us in carrying out our mission of stopping Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse, we will on occasion, alert providers of newsworthy information to facilitate referrals to our office. We encourage providers to utilize the tools below to report fraud, waste, or abuse and to subscribe to our website to receive alerts when new information is posted to our website. Please also view the complete list of the State's Medicaid Director letters for additional guidance.

CMS Alerts

From time to time, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issues letters to State Medicaid Directors regarding Medicaid program integrity functions. The Medicaid Fraud Division believes providers should be alerted to these requirements to assist them in ensuring that they comply with all federal Medicaid statutes and regulations. To view these letters, please visit CMS' website.

Pharmacy Alert Letters

In an effort to assist Medicaid Pharmacies in determining whether prescriptions are forged or stolen, the Medicaid Fraud Division alerts pharmacies to potential thefts and forgeries. While these letters are sent directly to the pharmacies, these letters are also posted below. The Office encourages pharmacies to check these alerts regularly. Please click on a date below to view the most recent alerts.