Provider Education

As part of its educational outreach program, MFD presented provider training for high-risk providers, including home health care providers and pharmacy owners and staff. These educational outreach efforts are generally staged in coordination with the MFCU, the Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services, and the MCOs that participate in the New Jersey Medicaid market to help attendees identify and protect against fraud, waste and abuse within the Medicaid program. Speakers emphasize the importance of properly documenting claims and explain what preventative measures these providers should implement to proactively prevent Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse.

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06/22/2018 Long-Term Care Facility Providers Training
06/01/2017 Adult Day Health Services Training
06/01/2016 Medicaid and Managed Care - Helpful Hints for a Complaint Medicaid Practice
02/04/2016 Home Health Care Overview
12/15/2016 Durable Medical Equipment - Useful Tools for a Compliant Medicaid Practice