Governor's Disaster Recovery Office

Governor's Disaster Recovery Office

The mission of the Governor's Disaster Recovery Office in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been to ensure that every possible avenue of relief is pursued to assist in the recovery of our State for its residents, businesses, and government entities. State Departments and Agencies are working diligently to help COVID-19-impacted individuals, businesses and communities recover. As part of our short- and long-term recovery strategy, the State has committed to funneling resources to the most vulnerable and to those most in need during this unprecedented pandemic. The State will continue to leverage existing Federal and State resources to pursue its strategic priorities and empower local governments to revitalize their communities. The Governor’s Disaster Recovery Office will work with State Departments and Agencies to listen to the voices of community leaders, residents, and stakeholder groups to chart out a thoughtful and comprehensive path forward. 

COVID-19 Recovery Resources

Information regarding social and health resources, rental assistance, small business grants, communities and private non-profits

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