COVID-19 Compliance and Transparency

COVID-19 Compliance and Transparency

With the need so great and resources so limited, it is extremely important that COVID-19 relief funds are used as intended and in full compliance with state and federal law,” said Acting Comptroller Kevin D. Walsh. “We will make sure contracts the State enters into are fully compliant with the law and protect New Jersey's interests. I look forward to leading the Governor’s Task Force in our mission to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse of any kind from disrupting New Jersey’s recovery from this crisis.

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 166 (July 17, 2020), Governor Phil Murphy established the Governor’s Disaster Recovery Office to ensure compliance and coordination amongst State agencies, as well as to promote transparency in the State’s expenditure of COVID-19 recovery funds.  That Executive Order directed the Governor’s Disaster Recovery Office to establish this transparency website to establish public confidence in the State’s expenditure of COVID-19 recovery funds.  

This website provides information on COVID-19 recovery funds administered by State agencies and lists the programs created through these funds for the benefit of New Jersey’s residents, businesses, and communities.

COVID-19 Federal Funds Data Tracker

This Finance Explorer is part of our commitment to improving transparency by providing a guided view through complex financial information. This site provides a guided view through our COVID-related budget and provides a transparent look at how we allocate public COVID funds.

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Transparency Reports

Integrity Oversight Monitoring program reports will be made available on a quarterly basis as they are provided.

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