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State of New Jersey, Civil Service Commission
Governor Phil Murphy • Lt.Governor Sheila Oliver
Unclassified Service

The New Jersey Merit System:
(civil service system) assigns to each State and local government job or position a specific job title. Examples of job titles are: Program Development Specialist 1, Social Worker 2 Corrections, Principal Librarian, and Public Works Repairer. Generally, the civil service system assigns these job titles, in both State and local government employment, to the Career Service or the Unclassified Service.

Career Service: 
The career service includes both competitive and noncompetitive job titles. Competitive job titles require applicants to pass an examination in order to be hired with permanent status, while noncompetitive titles may require that the applicant have special skills or specific licensing or certifications in lieu of an examination. Appointments to the career service usually result in a permanent appointment with accrued seniority and tenure.

Generally, individuals who transfer under the Intergovernmental Transfer Program are serving in the same or similar job title as the one to which they want to transfer. Therefore, the individuals usually have already passed the examination for the job title; there is no need to take an examination again as part of the transfer.

Unclassified Service:
The unclassified service includes job titles that are permitted or required by State Law or local ordinance to be unclassified and these laws or ordinances govern these job titles. An individual who has an unclassified appointment serves for a fixed term of employment or at the pleasure of the employer (appointing authority), and may not accrue seniority or permanency in the unclassified job title.

Employees interested in unclassified appointments are strongly encouraged to verify their individual appointment status with their personnel office to determine the impact of an unclassified appointment before proceeding.

Job Openings:
The following job openings in unclassified job titles are available to any interested individual. It is not necessary to be a current or former State or local government employee in order to apply for these positions. However, these employers have expressed a preference for individuals with job-related government work experience.

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