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State of New Jersey, Civil Service Commission
Governor Phil Murphy • Lt.Governor Sheila Oliver

The New Jersey Civil Service Commission continues to move forward with reallocating a number of titles from the competitive to the non-competitive class of service. These actions will provide State and local agencies with the flexibility and timeliness needed to meet their staffing needs.

The third phase of this reallocation includes local titles for which the education requirement consists of a High School diploma or less, with no experience required.  Most of these titles do not require a government issued license.  Those titles for which a government issued license may be required are listed separately below.  In the event that a license is required, the Appointing Authority will be responsible for ensuring and verifying the employee's license status, as is currently the case with existing titles assigned to the non-competitive class of service.

Additionally, the following titles are proposed to be consolidated into the corresponding title, which is either, already non-competitive or will be going non-competitive as part of this phase of the project:

  • Community Relations Aide (01304) into Community Service Aide (01313)
  • Museum Assistant (02538) into Museum Attendant (02539)
  • Psychiatric Technician (02903) into Institutional Attendant (02111)
  • Psychiatric Aide (02896) into Institutional Attendant (02111)
  • Timekeeper (04167) into Payroll Clerk (02634)
  • Bridge Operator (00911) into Bridge Operator (40350)*
  • Sidewalk Inspector (03703) into Public Works Inspector (02933)

* Bridge Operator (40350) will be made a common title

We are certain this class of service reallocation represents a positive and welcomed step towards change in our business practices.

To view a list of the titles that are being proposed for reallocation, click on the appropriate link below:

Questions or comments about this process should be directed to John Teubner, Deputy Director, Division of Classification and Personnel Management, CSC at John.Teubner@csc.state.nj.us.  All submissions must be received no later than January 28, 2013.


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