Historic Trust - Graphic Designer

RFP Number: 09-28-2012
Department: Community Affairs, New Jersey Historic Trust
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The New Jersey Historic Trust is requesting proposals from a graphic designer to create a unique graphic identity and theme for the NJ Historic Preservation Conference.


The NJ Historic Preservation Conference is an annual one-day June event that assembles historic preservation, architecture and planning professionals, historic preservation commissioners, historic site stewards and others interested in history and preservation.   

In the recent past the conference has utilized a variety of printed and web based materials to advertise and administer the event.   Each year’s theme is presented by a logo/banner that is used in all flyers, email, programs and signage.  The conference web site is used to present every aspect of the conference from program, to speakers, to parking, to registration, etc.  At the conference, a printed and bound program book provides conference information, speaker bios and pictures, and sponsor advertising. 


Creative design services requested:

  • A banner/logo (branding) for the new New Jersey History and Historic Preservation Conference that can be adapted for reuse in future conferences;
  • A graphic presentation of the 2013 conference theme that can be utilized by conference staff to create letterhead, signage and advertisements, etc.;
  • A design template for the conference web site that can be administered by conference staff through the NJ State web site;
  • A template and printing specifications for a conference program that can be customized by conference staff with the session, speaker and sponsor information. 


Please see the Trust's RPF and Draft Professional Services

Contract attached hereto for specifics.


Friday, October 12, 2012, 5:00 P.M.

For more information,
please contact:

Cathy Goulet,
New Jersey Historic Trust


All bid submissions must include completed mandatory compliance forms.  

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