The RREM Program will assist homeowners in the nine most impacted counties that sustained damage during Superstorm Sandy. Homeowners participating in the program will be required to apply, meet eligibility requirements, and proceed with grant and construction agreements as developed by the program. Homebuilders will not be required to identify homeowners, but will be required to sign a construction contract / work with the homeowners determined by the RREM Program in the homebuilding process. The required scope of work for each home will vary based on the amount of damage sustained. Homes may need elevation only, rehabilitation only, rehabilitation and elevation, reconstruction, or reconstruction and elevation. Qualified General Contractor homebuilders should be able to provide, either directly or through a subcontractor, all of these services. 

RFQ and Attachments:

Request for Qualifications No. 2 Now Available for General Contractors for the Homeowner Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) [pdf 1.12MB]