Below we will list questions and answers we feel would be helpful to prospective bidders.

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  • Question 1: Do I need to submit the $150.00 fee specified on the Employee Information Report (FORM AA302)? If so, where do I address the payment and where do I send it?

    Guidelines for public contracts set forth by the Department of Treasury’s Contract Compliance and Audit Unit describe the documents that serve as evidence of affirmative action compliance, and include, a completed Employee Information Report (Form AA302). If a notice of award is made, proof of affirmative action compliance must be provided before a contract can be executed. Proof of affirmative action is required to do business with the State of New Jersey. Failure to properly complete the entire Employee Information Report form and submission of the required $150.00 of the non-refundable fee may delay issuance of your certificate and therefore delay the execution of a contract if a notice of award is made.

    The vendor applicant shall keep a copy of the Employee Information form for their own files and submit two copies: one to the public agency awarding the contract, as part of the Request for Proposal application process; and one copy with a check in the amount of $150.00 payable to the Treasurer, State of New Jersey addressed and mailed to:

    NJ Department of the Treasury
    Division of Purchase & Property
    Contract Compliance Audit Unit
    EEO Monitoring Program
    P.O. Box 206

    Division of Purchase and Property Contract Compliance and Audit Unit Guidelines:

    Instructions for Completing the Employee Information Report (Form AA302)


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