Definition, Continuing Education and FAQs

* Landscape Irrigation Contractor
A Landscape Irrigation Contractor is a person who is certified by the Board of Landscape Irrigation Contractors to perform the construction, repair, maintenance, improvement and alteration of any portion of a landscape irrigation system, including required wiring within that system and connection to the required power supply and the installation and connection to a public or private water supply system under the terms and conditions of a contract.  A landscape irrigation system is any assemblage of components, materials or special equipment which is designed, constructed and installed for controlled dispersion of water from any safe and suitable source, including properly treated wastewater, for the purpose of irrigating landscape vegetation or the control of dust and erosion on landscaped areas, including integral pumping systems or integral control systems for manual, semi-automatic or automatic control of the operation of these systems.


Below is a link to the Irrigation Association’s Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) exam. It is now the required examination in order to be certified here in New Jersey:


* Continuing Education Credits

Effective March 17, 2014 all individuals certified as Landscape Irrigation Contractors are required to obtain 16 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to renew their license. Individuals who have not yet submitted CECs can do so by completing the CEC submission form, and providing copies of course certificates to the Board. 

CEC Submission form (including instructions)

  • If you have questions regarding your CEC totals, please email us at

An overview of the online learning continuing education opportunities can be found in this brochure and you may register for these and other courses by clicking here.

Please note that the Irrigation Association (IA) is a national association and is distinguished from the Irrigation Association of New Jersey (IANJ).


* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. What are the qualifications for taking the Landscape Irrigation Exam?

    To become a certified as a Landscape Irrigation Contractor, an applicant must have a minimum of three (3) years of experience working with the construction, repair, maintenance, improvement, and alteration of a landscaping irrigation system and/or educational experience. In order for a year of experience to be qualified, an applicant must have worked at least 1100 hours during that year. Work experience less than 1100 hours will be credited on a proportionate basis, but no additional credit will be granted for hours worked in excess of 1100 hours in any one year. Note that the experience must also be acquired within the past 15 years in the field of landscape irrigation and must comply with the requirements of P.L. 1991, c. 27 (C.45:5AA et seq.) (cf: P.L.1991, c. 27, s.4).

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  • 2. Does a Master plumber need to take the Landscape Irrigation exam to become an Irrigation Contractor?
    Plumbing contractors as defined in N.J.S.A. 45:14C-2 are exempt from having to obtain in individual certification but are required to obtain a valid landscape irrigation contracting business permit. The intent of this exemption is to allow those plumbing contractors installing landscape irrigation systems as part of their plumbing business to continue to do so, but also, allows tracking of these companies and for their employees performing irrigation work to obtain their own individual certifications, should they desire to do so. There is no fee for the business permit, but it needs to be updated in accord with the regulations, as necessary and renewed every 2 years.
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  • 3. Where can I reschedule my exam?

    Successful completion of the Certified Irrigation Contractor exam by the Irrigation Association is required in order to obtain the certification. The registration and administration and scoring of the exam is done entirely by the Irrigation Association. All you need to do is submit proof to the Board of successfully completing the examination. Their website is

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  • 4. How much is the certification fee?
    The initial fee for certification is $300.00.
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  • 5. How long is the certification valid for?
    The certification term is two (2) years.
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  • 6. Who do I make the check payable to?
    Checks should be made payable to Treasurer, State of New Jersey.
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  • 7. Who should I notify of my address change?
    You should contact the Licensing & Education Unit. It is important to keep your address current in our files to ensure that you receive the renewal form for your license.
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  • 8. My certification is expired. Can it still be renewed?

    Your certification must be renewed within 2 years of the expiration date. Please note that effective December 7, 2020, a late fee in the amount of $300.00 will be assessed on March 1st of the year it has expired before it can be renewed. No one may continue to work in the field of landscape irrigation contracting with an expired certification or business permit.

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  • 9. When can I renew my certification?
    Renewals are sent out approximately 60 days prior to the expiration date on your certification.
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  • 10. Can I pay my renewal fee online?
    No. Renewal fees must be mailed to the Licensing & Education Unit with your renewal application. (It is anticipated that online payments will be available in future.)
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  • 11. How do I verify a contractor's certification?
    Please contact the Licensing & Education Unit at (609) 984-7834 or at
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  • 12. How do I report non-certified work?
    To report non-certified work, please click here.


    While our office strives to provide answers to any and all questions you may have there may be additional questions not addressed by our FAQ ’s. If you do not see the answer to a question you have, please call us at (609) 984-7834 or email us at

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