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Division of Codes and Standards Alerts provide both the regulating as well as the regulated codes community in New Jersey with important, sometimes critical, and timely information or advice on a specific code matter.  Issues, though equally important and at times critical, generally present a more complex or evolving problem and solution and may have a host of related documents associated.  (Previous Alerts and Issues are listed in Topics A-Z.)

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* Seasonal Farm Labor Accommodations
** May 29, 2020 guidance/information
** February 04, 2020 guidance/information
** March 07, 2019 guidance/information
 * Lumber Stamps - ALSC (05/11/2020)
PermitsNJ Software - Decommissioning Update (04/13/2020)
* Permit Requirements - Ordinary Maintenance and Minor Work Updated
      ** NJR Adoption on 02/16/2021
** NJR Adoption on 03/05/2018
** Guidance issued 03/05/2018
** Spring 2018 Construction Code Communicator


* First Energy - Temporary waiver of the side-wire (side bus)
   (for meter sockets installed on UG services - 10/25/21)
* Structural Concerns in Existing Buildings (July 2021)
* Elevation of Homes with a Substantial Damage Determination
* Dedication of Revenue Earned from Uniform Construction Code Enforcement
  (Division of Local Government Services, LFN 2020-27 -- 11/24/2020)