The Uniform Construction Code, Chapter 23 of Title 5 of the NJ Administrative Code, by subchapter follows. Please note, these copies are provided as a courtesy only; the official Administrative Rules of the State of New Jersey are available through LexisNexis, the publisher licensed by the NJ Office of Administrative Law. Though every effort is made to ensure that the text provided here is identical to the official, legally effective versions of rule, if any discrepancies exist between the text at this website and the official version of the rules, the official version will govern. The official version may also be found at your local public library.

UCC in Entirety

NJAC 5:23

UCC by Subchapter

NJAC 5:23-1 General Provisions
NJAC 5:23-2 Administration and Enforcement; Process
NJAC 5:23-3 Subcodes
NJAC 5:23-3A State-Jurisdiction Subcodes
NJAC 5:23-4 Enforcing Agencies; Duties; Powers; Procedures
NJAC 5:23-4A Industrialized/Modular Buildings and Building Components
NJAC 5:23-4B & C (Reserved)
NJAC 5:23-4D Recreational Park Trailers
NJAC 5:23-5 Licensing of Code Enforcement Officials
NJAC 5:23-6 Rehabilitation Subcode
NJAC 5:23-7 Barrier Free Subcode
NJAC 5:23-8 Asbestos Hazard Abatement Subcode
NJAC 5:23-9 Code Interpretations
NJAC 5:23-10 Radon Hazard Subcode
NJAC 5:23-11 Playground Safety Subcode
NJAC 5:23-12 Elevator Safety Subcode
NJAC 5:23-12A Optional Elevator Inspection Program

Formal Technical Opinions