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Code Official Licensing:
Phone:  (609) 984-7834
eMail:  CLicensing@dca.nj.gov

Landscape Irrigation
Contractor Certification:
Phone:  (609) 984-7834
eMail:  LIC@dca.nj.gov

Code Assistance:
Phone:  (609) 984-7609
eMail:  CodeAssist@dca.nj.gov

Phone:  (609) 292-7899
eMail:  PermitsNJ@dca.nj.gov

Both the Uniform Construction Code and the Maintenance of Hotels and Multiple Dwellings Administrative Rules require that those who enforce the code be licensed.

Applicants meeting the education, testing and experience requirements, and who have passed a criminal background check, may obtain a license as a building, electrical, plumbing, fire protection or elevator Inspector or Subcode Official, a Construction Official, or Housing Inspector.

To maintain his/her license, a licensee is required to complete, 15, 20 or 25 hours of technical and administrative training through continuing education.

The following information and links are of particular interest to the licensed code official community.


A - G H - Z
 Adopted Codes, Related Administrative
 Codes (NJAC) and Statutes (NJSA)
 Homebuilders, List of Registered
 Alerts & Issues  Hotels and Multiple Dwellings,
 Maintenance of
 Associatons  Landscape Irrigation Contractor
 Backflow Preventer, Annual Testing
 (Model Reminder)
 Licensing Information, Code Official
 Code Assistance  Municipal Enforcing Agencies
 * DCA Regional Contact Info
 * Local Contact Info
 Code of Ethics 
 (Standard of Professional Behavior)
 Municipal Procedures Manual
 Construction Activity Reporting
 & PermitsNJ
 Pool/Spa/Hot Tub, Annual Inspection
 (Model Notice)
 Construction Code Communicator  Rule Proposals and Adoptions
 Construction Permit Application Packet  Topics A - Z
 Continuing Education, Code Official  UCC Bulletins
 Elevator Devices, List of Registered  UCC Formal Technical Opinions
 Flood Hazard Control Act Rules,
 Municipal Construction Official Training 
 Uniform Construction Code

Additional Regulatory Information of Importance to Code Officials

NJ Div of Consumer Affairs
(Dept of Law & Public Safety)

NJ Dept of Environmental

NJ Dept of Labor   NJ Dept of Health  
 Electrical Contractors   Air Quality  Asbestos   Indoor Air Quality

 Elevator, Escalator, and Moving
 Walkway Mechanics

 Backflow Device Certification  Boilers/Pressure Vessels  Mold Information
 Fire/Burglar Alarm Installers   Flood Control  Crane Operators  
 Home Elevation Contractors  Private Well Testing    
 Home Improvement Contractors   Radon Mitigation    
 Home Inspectors   Underground Storage Tank
 Landscape Architects  Well Driller/Pump Installers    
 Master Plumbers      
 Professional Engineers/Land
 Professional Planners      
 Registered Architects