Exempt Work

NJAC 5:23-2.7,
Ordinary Maintenance

Construction Office Contacts

* DCA Regional
* Local Municipality

Applying for a Construction Permit in New Jersey? Use the forms below to do so.

Please note that the nature of the construction project you are undertaking will dictate which of the subcode technical sections apply.  Also, when submitting these forms to your Local Construction Code Enforcement Office, please provide one original plus three photocopies of each completed applicable form.  However, for originals that are required to have a raised seal, the photocopies would also be required to contain this raised seal.  In other words, fill out one form, photocopy it, then seal original and all copies.

For further explanation on how to submit a proper application, please Part I from the Municipal Procedures Manual

General Forms

 UCC Form #   Name   Print-Ready   Fillable 
 F100  Construction Permit Application F100 F100
 F101-CUPW   Consent to Undertake Proposed Work  F101-CUPW   F101-CUPW 
 F101-HECC  Home Elevation Contractor Certification F101-HECC F101-HECC
 F101-LEAD  Certification of Homeowner, Lead Abatement 
 in Owner-occupied Single-family Dwelling
 F102  Annual Permit Application F102 F102
 F110  Building Subcode Technical Section F110 F110
 F120  Electrical Subcode Technical Section F120 F120
 F130  Plumbing Subcode Technical Section F130 F130
 F140  Fire Protection Subcode Technical Section F140 F140
 F145  Mechanical Inspection Technical Section F145 F145
 F150  Elevator Subcode Technical Section F150 F150
 F155  Elevator Subcode Supplement for Multiple
 F155 F155
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Related Forms

 UCC Form #   Name   Print-Ready   Fillable 
 F160  Application for Variation F160 F160
 F270   Application for Certificate F270  F270 
 F370  Chimney Verification for Replacement of 
 Fuel-Fired Equipment
F370 F370
 F380  Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Data Plate F380 F380
 F390  Framing Checklist F390 F390
 F391  DACT Utilizing MFVN Verification F391 F391
 F392 (2018)  Air Barrier and Insulation Checklist F392 F392
 F392 (2021)  (see pages 7/8 of Bulletin 22-1) b.22-1 b.22-1
 *Print Specs   Print Specs  

Additional Permit Instruction
Certification in Lieu of Oath Explanation
Homeowner's Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Outdoor Wood Boiler Permit Notice and Acknowledgement
Permit Required, N.J.A.C. 5:23-2.14 (full permit)
* Minor Work, N.J.A.C. 5:23-2.17A (permit "lite")
Ordinary Maintenance, N.J.A.C. 5:23-2.7 (no permit)
Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Compliance
Use and Occupancy Classification (Ch. 3 of IBC/2018)