The Statewide and Regional Planning Assistance Grant Program (the "Program") will provide funding to nonprofit organizations, universities, or colleges in need of planning support for statewide and regional recovery -related activities. This funding opportunity will support applied research initiatives and land use modeling efforts which advance statewide and regional resiliency planning.

The Program will be administered by the Office of Local Planning Services (LPS) in the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (NJDCA). LPS will consider proposals that describe research projects whose results or products can be applied to disaster recovery-related activities that have the potential to benefit a defined region, regions or the entire state. The Program will address resiliency from any aspect: social, economic, environmental and/or infrastructure resiliency, as long as the design shows strong potential to have a demonstrable impact on public decision making, recovery and long-term resilience and involves community engagement.

The Program is intended to increase engagement and collaboration at a regional level while strengthening resilience. In addition, the methodology used must be replicable.