TRENTON, N.J. –The city of Bridgeton is safer today, thanks to the deployment of 10 decommissioned State Police vehicles to city streets. This accomplishment was made possible as part of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Distressed Cities Program, with additional assistance from the Department of Treasury.

“I am pleased we were able to provide Mayor Pirolli and the City of Bridgeton with these police vehicles,” said Acting Governor Richard J. Codey. “With an additional 10 patrol cars on the streets, we are giving the City of Bridgeton’s families greater peace of mind, high-visibility community policing, and a safer community.”

Utilizing the State's resources in a fresh and creative way, Bridgeton entered into a local agreement with the Department of Treasury to receive the vehicles.

“Acting Governor Codey and I are committed to thinking outside the box to enhance the safety and security of New Jersey’s communities,” said DCA Acting Commissioner Charles Richman. “I commend Mayor Pirolli for his outstanding efforts to rebuild and revitalize the City of Bridgeton. Thanks to his determination, and to the dedication of Acting Governor Codey, we have made the City of Bridgeton a better place for New Jersey’s hardworking families in which to live, work and play.”

The Division of State Police originally purchased the 10 police vehicles with State funds. The cars were recently removed from active service for the State Police due to mileage and other maintenance issues, but are still suitable for local use after they are reconditioned. This is more cost effective for the City of Bridgeton than buying new cars.

The Bridgeton Police Department will use the vehicles to provide better coverage throughout the community and to conduct patrols for the city’s Offender Removal Program and Operation Clean Sweep, in which officers work to identify and apprehend offenders.  

“I thank Acting Governor Codey and Acting Commissioner Richman for their commitment to helping a city in need,” Bridgeton Mayor Pirolli said. “These patrol cars will help to ensure that the City of Bridgeton’s police officers are better prepared when it comes to keeping our streets free from crime.”

“The use of these cars will have a positive affect in this Department’s war against crime and will allow us to implement increased front line patrol units in our city,” said Bridgeton Chief of Police Jeffrey Wentz. “The citizens of this city are the real beneficiaries of this agreement and will feel the direct impact of such plans immediately.”