TRENTON, N.J. – Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Susan Bass Levin and Office of Smart Growth Executive Director Eileen Swan today issued the following statement on the appellate court’s decision to uphold the State Planning Commission’s (SPC) designation of four town centers in Sussex County.

“Today’s decision is truly a victory for the State Plan,” Swan said.  “This reinforces the State Planning Act’s mandate to create a vision for the future of our state.” 

In the landmark ruling, the court upheld the SPC’s center designation guidelines, which plan comprehensive development around town centers.  This approach will result in lower public service costs, more efficient use of infrastructure, greater community identity, and protection and reduced consumption of natural resources. 

The decision acknowledged that the State Planning Commission and state agencies applied their expertise and special insights to reach a result promoting the State’s policies as declared by the Legislature. 

“Interagency cooperation has always been a priority for the State Planning Commission in any of New Jersey’s planning decisions,” Commissioner Levin said.  “The State Planning Commission met with and received input from other state and regional agencies, as well as local governments.  Working with local municipalities and other state agencies, we can facilitate good planning and achieve our common goals for a better future.”