DCA Partners with American Planning Association to Issue 2nd Edition of The Redevelopment Handbook

New Edition Addresses Changes in Redevelopment Law and Practice, Offers Practical Guidance


TRENTON, N.J. – The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA), in partnership with the New Jersey Chapter of the American Planning Association (NJAPA), today published the 2nd edition of The Redevelopment Handbook: A Guide to Rebuilding New Jersey's Communities. The guide, which surveys and explains the redevelopment process in New Jersey, is being provided by the DCA to every municipality in the State.

"The popularity of the first edition combined with changes in redevelopment law and practice since the first book was published in 2003 suggested a need to refresh the information and, once again, make it broadly available," said DCA Commissioner Lori Grifa. "The new edition, like the original, is a practical, "how-to" manual specifically designed to assist New Jersey's municipalities on how to navigate through a complex regulatory process. All of the relevant New Jersey law pertaining to redevelopment is explained and the pros and cons of numerous redevelopment strategies are weighed and illustrated with local case studies."   

The Redevelopment Handbook was originally published in 2003 to provide municipalities with a guide to the various techniques that can be used to invigorate an area that is not physically or economically contributing to the community. The 2nd edition follows the same format and offers technical resources and guidance that provide readers with the opportunity to explore the benefits of redevelopment and plan for targeted growth in their communities. 

The new edition demonstrates that many towns can benefit from strategic revitalization, particularly as New Jersey's suburbs begin to show their age. It also includes examples of how updating the appearance and functionality of worn structures and obsolete land uses can bring new energy and life to a community.

"The DCA is proud to partner with NJAPA on this authoritative redevelopment learning tool," said Commissioner Grifa. "From preserving open space to remediating brownfields, redevelopment makes towns stronger and more vibrant by rehabilitating decaying, abandoned and underutilized properties."

The Redevelopment Handbook was coauthored by Stan Slachetka and David Roberts with assistance from the staff of the Department of Community Affairs.

Slachetka is a licensed professional planner and Associate and Planning Group Manager with the Middletown-based firm of T&M Associates. Roberts is a Department Manager with the Red Bank-based firm of Maser Consulting. He is a licensed professional planner and a certified landscape architect in New Jersey, and a registered landscape architect in five states.

The Redevelopment Handbook was published jointly by DCA and the NJAPA.