Governor Appoints Five Individuals to Fill Vacancies

TRENTON, NJ – The Christie Administration, as required by existing law, today appointed five individuals to fill vacancies on the Farmingdale Borough Council. The appointments will allow the borough to return to fully functioning governing status.

The Borough Council appointees are:

  • Michael John Burke (Farmingdale, Monmouth);
  • George Dyevoich, Jr. (Farmingdale, Monmouth);
  • Joseph E. Hultmark (Farmingdale, Monmouth);
  • Patricia A. Linszky (Farmingdale, Monmouth); and 
  • Michael J. Romano (Farmingdale, Monmouth).

Pursuant to the “Municipal Vacancy Law,” whenever the offices of all or a majority of the members of a municipality’s governing body become vacant, state statute (N.J.S.A. 40A:16-9) grants the Governor the sole power and responsibility to appoint the successors.  Because the five vacant council positions were previously held by Republicans, state statute requires the Governor to appoint registered Republicans to those seats.  All five appointees are registered Republicans as required by law.

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Division of Local Government Services, on behalf of the Governor, collected applications of individuals interested in being appointed to the Borough Council.  The Division solicited candidates through an open process, announcing the candidate search through regional and local media outlets and on the Division’s website.  Applicants had to be Farmingdale residents and registered to vote in the Borough. They also had to consent to a background check with respect to criminal history, judgments and driving record.

Twelve applications were received and transmitted to the Governor’s Office for review and five candidates were selected after a thorough vetting process. The appointees’ resumes are attached.  The Borough Council appointees can immediately begin their duties once they take and subscribe to an oath of office.

The Division of Local Government Services works with local governments throughout the state to ensure their fiscal integrity and to support their efforts to comply with state laws and regulations.