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Local Governments Receive Grants to Support Ongoing Recreational Programs and Special Events

Trenton, NJ – The Department of Community Affairs today announced the award of $585,000 in grants to two counties and 28 municipalities through the Recreational Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities (ROID) program. ROID grants ensure that the necessary accommodations are made available for full inclusion so individuals with disabilities can participate in municipal and county recreation programs. The grants also assist local governmental entities in meeting Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

ROID grants support athletic, performing arts, and leisure activities such as, after-school programs, team sports, visual arts, storytelling, and cooking classes. The activities provided to children and adults with disabilities are designed with an emphasis on positive reinforcement, social interaction and community awareness.

"The Christie Administration is dedicated to providing equal access to educational and recreational opportunities for all New Jersey’s residents," said DCA Commissioner Charles A. Richman. "These  grants enhance the lives of adults and children with disabilities in New Jersey by providing participants with the opportunity for social interaction, skill development, physical activity and personal growth."

Created in 1978, the ROID program offers two grants to assist municipalities and counties in delivering both short-term special events and comprehensive, integrated recreational services for individuals with disabilities. The Comprehensive Grant supports continuous, integrated recreation and leisure service programs, and the Special Event Grant funds short-term events, which fulfills a particular and specific community need. Each grant requires a 20 percent cash match.

Recreational Opportunities for individuals with disabilities (ROID) grant recipients and projects include:


Grantee Name

Project Description

Award Amount

Atlantic County

I.N.C.L.U.D.E. is a new program that will integrate children with special needs in horticultural and experiential education programs.

$ 20,800

Barnegat Township

Provides various programming activities for pre-school and school-age children with disabilities. An after-school club will be provided for teens students.

$ 20,000

Bloomfield Township

Provides an integrated after-school arts program for Bloomfield's residents with developmental disabilities.

$ 20,000

Brick Township

Offers inclusive recreational activities through a Winter Camp where children with developmental disabilities interact through games, arts and crafts, sports and trips. Additional activities throughout the year will be targeted for inclusion to increase participation.

$ 20,000

Cherry Hill Township

Offers access and individualized accommodations in arts and cultural programming for children, teens and seniors with disabilities.

$ 20,000

East Brunswick Township

The East Brunswick Youth Council provides a social setting for all teenagers, regardless of special needs. The program provides an integrated setting on recreational trips, activities, sports programs and community service opportunities.

$ 20,000

Eatontown Borough

Provides weekly recreation activities for individuals with and without disabilities that focus on social and leisure activities, fosters creativity and innovation, and promotes participant engagement through awareness and inclusive skills training.

$ 20,000

Fanwood Borough

Provides opportunity to participate in inclusive recreational programming year round including learning how to ride a bike. Programs will be staffed with occupational therapists.

$ 20,000

Jackson Township

Offers integrated recreation and leisure activities throughout the year for residents with disabilities and their peers including sports, bowling, cooking and crafts, arts, and horseback riding.

$ 15,000

Jersey City

Youth will learn the fundamentals of golf in the Jersey City Youth Golf program. Participants will also learn core values such as integrity, respect and perseverance.

$ 20,000

Lacey Township

Lacey Township Recreation Department offers comprehensive recreational opportunities suitable for individuals of all ages and ability levels. A new youth sports program will provide a fun sports experience throughout the year. Family programs will create bonds among families in a recreation environment.

$ 9,650

Livingston Township

The Shining Stars program will expose individuals with special needs to a variety of team sports, art, and recreational programs, special events and activities. Participants will work with a "shadow" to support inclusion and to build self-confidence and esteem.

$ 15,000

Middletown Township

Provides children with disabilities the opportunity to participate in social activities alongside peers in a summer camp setting.

$ 20,000

Montville Township

Expands and develops inclusive programs that address the multiple needs of children with disabilities, including the photography program, disc jockey program, rock band and online radio show. The Youth Internship Program will be expanded.

$ 35,000

North Bergen Township

Provides structured recreation and socialization activities to individuals with and without disabilities, including dancing, dining, and arts and crafts.

$ 20,000

Ocean City

Developed three new programs including fishing, gardening at the Bayside Center and swimming/triathlon activities at the Aquatic and Fitness Center.

$ 16,997

Old Bridge Township

Provides an integrated fitness program where participants use dance exercises to improve speed and coordination, improve aerobic capacity and strengthen muscles.

$ 8,000

Parsippany-Troy Hills Township

Develops inclusive recreation and leisure activities on an ongoing basis for people with disabilities including afterschool, evening, and weekend sports and recreational activities.

$ 20,000

Passaic City

Utilizes adaptive technology, such as X-Box with Kinect, to help individuals with developmental disabilities with motor skills and cognitive functions. Lego workshops, taught by Lego experts, will teach principles related to construction, teamwork, creative thinking and social interaction.

$ 19,860

Perth Amboy City

Community events will raise support and awareness surrounding the need of recreational activities for youth with disabilities. Offers fitness and art instruction for youth ages 7–21.

$ 20,000

Plainsboro Township

Provides multiple offerings including affordable swim instruction, a music movement, and a creative drama program that focuses on development of social, motor, and drama skills through peer interaction and physical activities. Additionally, a Young Athletes program, sponsored by the Special Olympics, will be offered year round.

$ 20,000

Roselle Borough

Summer program will provide a variety of recreational, leisure and enrichment activities for children with disabilities in the Borough of Roselle. The Borough will also provide leisure and enrichment activities for special needs children K–12.

$ 15,000

Roxbury Township

Offers programming for youth and young adults with disabilities, which includes participation in integrated recreational activities to develop and enhance their social interactions, social responsibility, self- awareness and life skills to increase independence.

$ 20,000

Rutherford Borough

Sustains a program of recreational activities which include and benefit individuals with and without disabilities. Weekly activities will include going to the movies, bowling, parties and dances. A variety of sports and physical activities will include soccer, softball and play in the park.

$ 20,000

South Brunswick Township

Provides year-round programming including sports, recreation, fitness activities, music and creative dramatic programs that will develop social skills for adults and for youth.

$ 10,000

Summit City

Coordinates recreation programs and special events through the TryCAN program, a collaboration with nearby communities that offers recreation programs for children with special needs or those who need special accommodation.

$ 25,829

Union County

Provides a series of stage performances with special adaptations for children with autism and related disabilities. Social events will be held twice a year at county facilities or parks.

$ 33,864

Union Township

Offers an inclusive after-school arts program for children who are developmentally disabled. Also offers a year-round inclusive recreational activity for children 6-12 to provide social recreational learning.

$ 20,000

West Milford Township

Provides recreational activities to young adults and older teens with developmental disabilities. Participants can participate in therapeutic horseback riding, visiting the library, and social activities including Karaoke night, Night at the Carnival, dinner dances and holiday celebrations.

$ 20,000

Woodbridge Township

Provides a swim program dedicated to help students with special needs learn how to stay safe while swimming.

$ 20,000

30 Approved Applications      Total: $ 585,000


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