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Local Governments Receive Grants to Support Ongoing Recreational Programs and Special Events for People with Disabilities

Trenton, N.J. – The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) today announced the award of $565,000 in grants to three counties and 31 municipalities through the Recreational Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities (ROID) program. ROID grants help local governments offer activities tailored to individuals with disabilities so they can fully participate in municipal and county recreation programs. The grants also assist local governments in meeting Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

Programs supported through the ROID grants include athletics, performing arts, and leisure activities such as after-school programs, visual arts, storytelling, and cooking classes. The activities are designed with an emphasis on positive reinforcement, social interaction and community awareness.

“These grants provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to enjoy the same activities as their family, friends and neighbors and to be included in community events,” said Lt. Governor Sheila Y. Oliver, DCA Commissioner.

Created in 1978, the ROID program offers two grants to assist municipalities and counties in delivering both short-term special events and comprehensive recreational services for individuals with disabilities. The Comprehensive Grant supports continuous, integrated recreation and leisure service programs, and the Special Event Grant funds short-term events, which fulfill a specific community need. Each grant requires a 20 percent funding match from the local government. 

“I congratulate this year’s grant recipients. The individuals who develop and manage these activities are truly making a difference in people’s lives,” Lt. Governor Oliver added. “These grants are our way of lending a hand to this enriching work.”

ROID grant recipients and projects include the following:

Grant Recipient

Project Description



Atlantic County

Provides various recreation programs to serve citizens with a wide variety of disabilities throughout the county.


Barnegat Township

Provides inclusive recreation opportunities for people with disabilities in the Barnegat area.


Bloomfield Township

Provides an integrated after-school arts program with a cooking component for Bloomfield's residents with developmental disabilities.


Brick Township

Provides integrated recreational activities for Brick’s residents with developmental disabilities.


Cherry Hill Township

Encourages participation of individuals with disabilities in Cherry Hill’s recreation and community arts programs.


East Brunswick Township

Provides youth with special needs residing in East Brunswick with inclusive recreational programs and social activities.


Eatontown Borough

Provides continued funding for the expansion of an inclusive recreation program for individuals of all abilities who reside in Eatontown.


Fanwood Borough

Expands and diversifies inclusive sports programming and teen social nights held in Fanwood.


Garfield City

Unites individuals through gardening activities, stewardship, healthy eating, and professional skill development.


Guttenberg Town

Provides youth with special needs a chance to participate in the town’s popular summer camp.


Hudson County

Unites individuals who reside in Hudson County through artistic expression, wellness activities, dance, yoga, and social skill development.


Jackson Township

Provides integrated recreation, sports, and leisure activities throughout the year for residents with special needs and their peers.


Jersey City

Provides inclusive recreational opportunities for youth with disabilities in Jersey City to learn and play the game of golf.


Lincoln Park Borough

Adds an additional component to a new swim program in which participants will receive instruction on the use of kayaks and stand-up paddle boards.


Linden City

Provides recreational activities for Linden's disabled population.


Livingston Township

Provides various recreational activities for individuals with disabilities in Livingston and the surrounding areas.


Montville Township

Provides services for children of all abilities coming from Morris, Essex, and Bergen counties.


North Bergen Township

Provides new, continuing and expanded local recreation components in North Bergen that integrate disabled and non-disabled individuals between the ages of 14 and 65.


Old Bridge Township

Extends exercise opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to participate in full-body cardio jam sessions.


Orange City Township

Expands the Circle of Excellence summer camp and makes provisions to include autistic youth. 


Passaic City

Develops and expands recreational events, including inclusive social gatherings, an adaptive technology program, and hands-on LEGO workshops, for children with disabilities in Passaic City.


Plainsboro Township

Provides inclusive recreational programs for children and young adults with disabilities from Plainsboro and the surrounding communities.


Ramsey Borough

Advances the existing programs for soccer, basketball, baseball, and track along with supporting ‘Ramsey is for Everyone (RIFE)’ programs. Provides new programs such as a fitness programs, karate, and yoga.


Roxbury Township

Provides inclusionary recreational programming for youth with disabilities in the Roxbury area.


Rutherford Borough

Provides new and expanded integrated recreational opportunities for the residents of Rutherford.


Saddle Brook Township

Adds a new basketball program to the offerings of the Saddle Brook Angels program and advances the existing programs for soccer, lacrosse, and cheerleading.


Secaucus Township

Provides programs that address the needs of children with disabilities who live in Secaucus.


South Brunswick Township

Provides inclusive and specialized recreational programs and activities in South Brunswick.


Summit City

Provides recreation programs for individuals with disabilities in Summit and the nearby area.   


Union County

Implements new inclusive recreational activities and social events for people with and without disabilities throughout Union County.


Union Township

Provides an inclusive after-school recreational program at Hannah Caldwell School in Union Township.


West Milford Township

Provides developmentally disabled adults the benefit of an experience that emphasizes positive personal empowerment and fitness.


West New York Town

Integrates youth with disabilities into an after-school program titled ‘Arts & Crafts Club’.


West Orange Township

Provides an inclusive program called ‘WE Swim’ that teaches youth with special needs how to swim.


34 Approved Applications      Total: $ 565,000

The ROID program is administered by the DCA Division of Housing and Community Resources. The mission of the Division is to strengthen and revitalize communities through the delivery of affordable housing, supportive services, and financial and technical assistance to local governments and community-based organizations. The Division’s Office of Recreation is focused on expanding and developing recreational programs on a statewide and local basis and disseminating information to governmental and other agencies engaged in fostering recreational programs.

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