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Vehicle & Garage Tips

mechanic working on autoYour everyday activities can affect water quality. Help reduce the amount of pollution that flows into our waterways by following the tips below.

  • Take your car to a service center to change oil or antifreeze. If you do change your own oil or antifreeze, do it in a garage, never on the street. Use a self-contained oil pan and discard the oil at a local service center for recycling. NEVER discard oil, gas or antifreeze into a stormwater drain. Antifreeze should be discarded at a household hazardous waste facility. Visit www.state.nj.us/dep/dshw/rrtp/hhwcps.htm for a list of local household hazardous waste facilities.
  • If you spill hazardous fluids, contain it immediately with rags or cat litter. Clean up the spill and properly dispose of the waste.
  • Check your car for leaks and schedule regular tune-ups. If you find leaks or drips, have your car repaired.
  • Store hazardous materials properly to prevent spills. Store them in the original closed container.

For a Green Automotive Repair Shop near you, visit http://www.njgreenautorepair.org/ .

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