Climate Change

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NJ Resilience Accelerator

NJ Resilience Accelerator is an evolving program to equip local communities with the tools that they need to reduce risk from climate change and natural hazards. This unique program will provide technical assistance and subject matter expertise to jump-start financially sustainable community projects and initiatives that support equitable long-term resilience. Cohorts of municipalities will collaborate across jurisdictions to break down barriers to resilience.

Participating NJ Resilience Accelerator communities will:

  • Prioritize and implement data-driven risk reduction strategies.
  • Collaborate with local, state and regional partners to reduce current and future risk.
  • Understand the economic tradeoffs of mitigation actions and the potential cost of inaction.
  • Expand stakeholder engagement and build whole-community solutions for long-term resilience.

NJ Resilience Accelerator Steering Committee

NJ Resilience Accelerator steering committee is actively engaging with federal and state agencies, academic institutions and nongovernmental organizations to provide expertise and develop resources for participating communities.

FEMA Region 2 photo
Federal Emergency Management Agency Region 2

The Federal Emergency Management Agency works with local communities to build a more resilient and equitable nation by Increasing awareness of flood risk and reducing the impact of floods through hazard mitigation, floodplain management, and building codes.

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Interagency Council on Climate Resilience photo
NJ Department of Community Affairs

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs offers a wide range of programs and services, including energy assistance, housing vouchers, affordable housing production, fire and building safety, community planning and development, local government management and finance, and disaster recovery and mitigation.

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NJDEP Bureau of Climate Resilience Planning, Climate and Flood Resilience photo
Climate & Flood Resilience

The Climate and Flood Resilience Program is committed to promoting the resilience of New Jersey’s communities from current and anticipated impacts of climate change.

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NJ Office of Emergency Management, Hazard Mitigation Unit photo
NJ Office of Emergency Management, Hazard Mitigation Unit

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM) Hazard Mitigation Unit enhances state, county, and municipal risk reduction through the development and implementation of mitigation strategies. The Mitigation Unit implements and administers grant based programs in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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NJ State Planning Commission, Office of Planning Advocacy, NJ Business Action Center photo
NJ Department of State, NJ Business Action Center, Office of Planning Advocacy

The NJ Business Action Center and Office of Planning Advocacy coordinate statewide planning to protect the environment and guide future growth into compact, mixed-use development and redevelopment.

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Share Your Roadblocks to Resilience

Our goal is to provide the technical assistance and support your community needs to plan, initiate and accelerate your path to resilience. Share your roadblocks to implementing risk reduction strategies so that we can build a successful program to remove them together.