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Network Service Provider Solicitation

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When will new grantees be required to use a Pre-Qualified Network Service Provider?

Beginning Fiscal Year 2023 (July 1, 2022), funding programs for EV charging stations that are managed by New Jersey state agencies, including NJDEP and BPU, will require grantees to select a Pre-Qualified Network Service Provider from the list posted on the It Pay$ to Plug In website.
To ensure eligibility for funding at the beginning of FY 2023, Network Service Providers that wish to participate in the Program must submit signed Agreements no later than June 1, 2022. This will allow for a 30-day review period before the beginning of FY 2023. (NOTE: The State of New Jersey's 2023 Fiscal Year goes from July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023.)

What is a Network Service Provider?

Network Service Providers allow charging stations to be connected via the Internet to a centralized software control system. This software control system typically offers an online portal for owners of networked charging stations to manage their equipment. Typically, the portal allows for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, turning equipment on and off, managing access, and reporting data on usage, among other functions. Many Network Service Providers offer a system for setting user fees and collecting payments.

Pre-qualified Network Service Providers have demonstrated that they are willing and able to report detailed, anonymized charging session data to the Program. Inclusion on the Pre-Qualified Network Service Provider list is not a guarantee of quality of service, and the Program does not endorse any particular Network Service Provider.

Typically Network Service Providers charge fees for access to their software, and may offer tiered service plans. Certain Network Service Providers may be capable of managing only certain makes and models of charging stations. The grantee is responsible for verifying with the Network Service Provider that they are purchasing an appropriate and compatible Network Service plan.

How to Become a Qualified Network Service Provider:

It Pay$ to Plug In provides grants to offset the cost of purchasing electric vehicle charging stations. To qualify for networked charging station funding in the future, charging stations will be required to collect and report data via a Pre-qualified Network Service Provider from a list that will be posted on this page.

Network Service Providers that meet the program requirements and agree to the program terms will be added to the Pre-Qualified list, and its qualified products will be eligible for program incentives. The process of becoming a Pre-Qualified Network Service Provider is initiated when a completed and signed Requirements and Agreement document is returned to

Within 30 days of submitting the signed Requirements and Agreements document, a Network Service Provider should be prepared to:

  1. Describe the customer data sharing consent process
  2. Provide any proposed additional terms and conditions
  3. Work to establish a data transfer mechanism
  4. Provide a set of sample data with field definitions
The solicitation is open indefinitely, and is accepting applications on a rolling basis.

The program’s data specifications are intended to be identical to those being used by New Jersey electric utility make-ready programs. While the NJDEP considers some fields to be optional, other entities may require all fields.