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State of New Jersey-Department of Environmental Protection-Office of Flood Hazard Risk Reduction Meaures
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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New Jersey Drought Information -

Previous News & Announcements

Drought-Related News Releases

DEP Lifts Drought Warning in Hunterdon & Somerset Counties Ending Year-Long Statewide Drought Designation
Commissioner Martin Signs Administrative Order Designating Drought Warning for 14 Counties in Northern, Central and Northern Coastal New Jersey
DEP Schedules October 20 Public Hearing for Possible Drought Warning for Much of New Jersey
Drought Watch Issued for Most of Northern New Jersey
Water Supply Drought Watch Issued for Three New Jersey Regions
Drought Watch Lifted for Most of New Jersey
DEP Institutes Statewide Drought Watch
Public Hearing on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 Regarding Current Water Supply Conditions
Drought Watch Issued for Five Northeast Counties with Residents Asked to Voluntarily Conserve Water
Residents Urged to Voluntarily Conserve Water During Dry Spell
"New Jersey Environmental Commissioner Urges Water Conservation Statewide; Wildfire Danger Continues to Be High Across New Jersey"
"New Jersey Environmental Commissioner Stresses Need for Water Conservation Statewide; Forest Fire Service Restricts Recreational Fires"
"McGreevey Takes Action to Control Sprawl and Protect State's Water Resources; Announces Greater Protection of Metedeconk River and Lifts Drought Emergency"
"Recent rain helps to improve water supply shortage while ongoing drought emergency persists"
"New Jersey Environmental Commissioner Eases Drought Restrictions; Calls for Continued Water Conservation"
"DEP Commissioner Grants Hardship Exemption in Response to Adminstrative Order 2002-22"
"DEP Commissioner Tightens Outdoor Water Use Statewide; Extremely Dry Conditions Persist"
"DEP Commissioner Campbell to Announce Revisions to the Current Drought Restrictions"
"DEP Commissioner Campbell to Announce New Initiative Encouraging Industrial Facilities to Reuse Effluent from Sewage Treatment Plants over Current Water Sources"
"Dry Conditions Exacerbate Drought Emergency"
"DEP Suspends Lake Lowering Activities on Lake Hopatcong; Drought Emergency Persists"
"Statewide Drought Emergency Continues-Water Conservation is a Must"
"DEP Eases Water Use Restrctions Statewide-Cautions
Drought Emergency Still Exists"
"DEP Commissioner Campbell to Hold Press Conference on June 20th, 2002 at 11:30 am to Announce Revisions to State's Drought Emergency Restrictions"
"DEP Commissioner Campbell Solicits Input from the Southwest and Northwest Drought Regions"
"DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell Hosts Second Regional Drought Workshop"
"DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell Outlines Details for Limited Lawn Watering"
"DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell Announces First Regional Drought Workshop"
"DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell Issues Drought Order Amendment"
"DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell Orders Water Interconnection Inspections"
"DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell Orders Mandatory Water-Use Restrictions"
"McGreevey Declares Water Emergency for New Jersey"
"NJDEP Expands Drought Warning to Northeast and Northern Coast"
"Drought Continues, Water Conservation Urged; Precipitation over the Next Few Weeks Key"
"NJ Issues Drought Warning for Delaware River Basin Area; Public Hearings Scheduled for Dec. 4 & 5"
"Reservoir & Stream Levels Decline; Water Conservation Urged"
"Drought Emergency Lifted In North/Central Jersey"
"Drought Emergency Lifted in South Jersey / DEP Relaxes Restrictions for North/Central Jersey"
"Drought Not Over Yet Water Restrictions Remain in Effect"
"DEP Amends Water Restrictions in Response to Economic and Safety Concerns"
"Farmers Urged to Contact Farm Service Agency To Register Crop Loss"
"Drought Coordinator Clarifies Water Restrictions, Lauds Public Cooperation"

Additional NJDEP News Releases



Drought-Related Executive and Administrative Orders

8/11/17 Administrative Order 2017-13 by Commissioner Martin
10/21/16 Administrative Order 2016-10 by Commissioner Martin
3/26/03 Administrative Order 2003-03 by Commissioner Campbell
1/8/03 Governor McGreevey's Executive Order No. 44
1/8/03 Administrative Order 2003-01 by Commissioner Campbell
12/9/02 Administrative Order 2002-27 by Commissioner Campbell
11/14/02 Administrative Order 2002-25 by Commissioner Campbell
10/24/02 Administrative Order 2002-23 by Commissioner Campbell
9/22/02 Administrative Order 2002-22 by Commissioner Campbell
8/20/02 Administrative Order 2002-21 by Commissioner Campbell
8/8/02 Administrative Order 2002-20 by Commissioner Campbell
6/20/02 Administrative Order 2002-18 by Commissioner Campbell
5/29/02 Administrative Order 2002-17 by Commissioner Campbell
4/29/02 Administrative Order 2002-15 by Commissioner Campbell
4/9/02 Administrative Order 2002-14 by Commissioner Campbell
3/15/02 Administrative Order 2002-07 by Commissioner Campbell
3/11/02 Administrative Order 2002-05 by Commissioner Campbell
3/4/02 Governor McGreevey's Executive Order No. 11
1/24/02 Administrative Order 2002-03 by Commissioner Shinn
7/17/00 Administrative Order 2000-19 by Commissioner Shinn
9/27/99 Governor Whitman's Executive Order No. 102
9/14/99 Governor Whitman's Executive Order No. 100
8/5/99 Governor Whitman's Executive Order No. 98
Administrative Order 1999-08 by Commissioner Shinn
Administrative Order 1999-10 by Commissioner Shinn
8/5/99 Administrative Order 1999-11 by Commissioner Shinn
8/5/99 Administrative Order 1999-12 by Commissioner Shinn
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