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Municipal Stormwater Mapping and Inventory Assistance

As part of the Departmentís continual effort to assist municipalities in meeting MS4 permit requirements and improving water quality, the Department has developed and made available a number of free mapping and inventory tools. These tools are meant to help municipalities develop an inventory, and subsequently a map, of their stormwater management facilities. The mapping tools provide a template for collecting information on the following:

  • Culverts;
  • Green infrastructure;
  • Manufactured treatment devices (MTDs);
  • Outfalls;
  • Stormwater management basins;
  • Storm drain inlets; and
  • Subsurface infiltration/detention systems

The inspection, maintenance, and upkeep of these stormwater management features is required under the NJPDES MS4 general permit. Data collected using the mapping and inventory tools provided may be used to support a number of different requirements found within the MS4 permit. Any questions or comments about the mapping and inventory tools below may be directed to Tim Ebersberger.

ArcGIS Online Mapping Tool
This tool is intended for permittees who do not have a handheld GPS unit and who are creating a new inventory. The use of this tool requires an ArcGIS Online license and a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet. The Department is making a number of ArcGIS Online licenses available, at no cost, to permittees who request it. Environmental groups or volunteers that will assist a municipality with mapping and inventory of stormwater infrastructure may also be eligible to use a free license. Permittees may contact Tim Ebersberger to begin using this tool or to request a license.

Trimble Handheld GPS Data Dictionary Template
This tool is intended for permittees with handheld GPS unit capabilities and software who may or may not have existing inventories, but intend on collecting data via a handheld GPS unit. A number of versioned templates created using Pathfinder software are available below.

arrow Trimble Template (zip, 119Kb)

ESRI Geodatabase Template
This tool is intended for permittees with ArcGIS software capabilities and experience who have existing electronic inventories. This template should be populated by permittees and submitted back to the Department.

arrow Geodatabase Template version 9.3 (zip, 319Kb)
arrow Geodatabase Template version 10.0 (zip, 360Kb)

Microsoft Excel
This tool is intended for permittees with limited hardware/software capabilities or permittees with existing inventory databases that exist in environments such as Excel or Access. This template should be populated by permittees and submitted back to the Department.

arrow MS4 Inventory Spreadsheet Template (xls, 2.9Mb)

Web Map
A web map with collected and submitted stormwater infrastructure data that is also available for download can be found here.

arrow Coming Soon

Stormwater Infrastructure Mapping and Inventory Guidance Document

arrow Coming Soon


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