What doesn’t count as stewardship?

Primary business activity - Because it creates the situation of making statements about the value of one business vs. another, recognition will not be given for activities which are part of any businesses primary activities. While these are technically voluntary they are considered to be taken with a strong profit motive and not truly out of a sense of stewardship. Some examples:

Commercial composter not credited for composting

Solvent recycler not credited for recycling or fuel blending solvent

A solar cell manufacturer is not credited with renewable energy unless they have it installed on their own site.

Burning/Waste Combustion - Many sites have suggested that burning wastes is stewardship when it displaces other fuels that would otherwise be burned.  The Department's position is that burning wastes is a last resort and is not to be encouraged.   In particular several have suggested that burning waste oil or blending solvents into fuel is stewardship.  This is not currently being recognized. 

One exception to this rule is burning of landfill gas to generate useful energy. This is recognized because capture and burning of the gas is currently required anyway.  If this burning is harnessed to create energy, it can receive recognition so long as the project to do this was not part of an enforcement settlement.